Wiener dog is best buddies with a cheetah

Tales from tourists visiting a Lion Park in South Africa:

The cheetah was really scary. It was running around its pen and going crazy. In the pen with it was a wiener dog. The guide said that they were best friends and that the dog didn’t want to be anywhere else except with his best buddy, the cheetah. In my opinion this was not the case. That “vienna dog”, as they call them here, was doomed. That cheetah was waiting for us to leave so it could eat it! In the cheetah pen the 3 of us looked like big babies. We kept screaming and hiding behind the guide, Rocco. The cheetah was all riled up and it’s the only cat that cannot retract its claws – that was pretty unappealing to me. I honestly thought that the headlines were going to read: “Three American college students mauled by ‘docile’ cheetah”. It was terrifying, but it was still a lot of fun. In the end the cheetah calmed down a bit and let us pet it. That was nice.

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2 thoughts on “Wiener dog is best buddies with a cheetah

  1. Anonymous

    I feel the scary part of this is the Dachshund owner that would allow a Dachshund in with a Cheetah. It is dangerous and abusive. Get that dog out of there before something tragic happens. Some people will risk all. Kind of like the Crocodile guy holding his newborn son near a Croc. What is the matter with people these days??

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