Why do Dachshunds never win Westminster?

With one week to go before New York’s Westminster Dog Show, for Dachshund lovers, there’s one question that remains unanswered: Why in more than 1oo years has the perennially popular wiener dog never won the coveted best in show title? Two years ago, the New York Times wrestled with the question:

Westminster, while an immensely popular event, is not a populist one. Before last night’s competition at Madison Square Garden, a Labrador had never won best in show. Neither had the friendly golden retriever, the low-centered dachshund, the beagle of Snoopy fame or most of the other top 10 breeds.

Westminster bills itself as America’s Dog Show. But America’s favorite dogs rarely, if ever, win.

Read it all to find out their theory on why this is so. And remember, there’s always a first time. The Daily Doxie believes that wiener dogs deserve to be both popular and winners at Westminster. To get you warmed up for next week, here’s some video:

Dachshund Pelo Largo

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One thought on “Why do Dachshunds never win Westminster?

  1. Moira

    This is a very good question. Every year I’m bitterly disappointed that the best breed gets overlooked!!! But of course I’ll still watch.

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