Why Dachshunds never win Crufts

Could this, perhaps have something to do with Doxies’ failure? It’s the tale of a British wiener dog from the BBC’s archive of World War II memories, written by the public:

Our black and tan dachshund, Mimi, had arrived in a crate from breeders in Harrogate, a trembling jellied eel of a pup, who turned out to be only dachshund in our town and attracted considerable notice She settled and matured.
Then, overnight the poor animal became unpopular, vilified That dachshund or that German Sausage dog now target for hostile comments, e gobbets of spit – so much so that we tended to leave her at home when a walk up town was planned – quick to realize the pointlessness of trying to explain that she had not actually emanated from Germany. The correct pronunciation or translation of the breed was habitually received, coldly. Mimi was anathema and in her turn learned to keep her head down in public.

From Mimi — A Most Unpopular Dog