What to wear with a black Dachshund

Have you ever wondered about the somewhat garish outfits professional dog handlers sport? Well, here’s the reasoning behind them:

The clothes should never overpower the dog though they should make the handler stand out…The clothes should never match the dog. Light dog; dark clothes. Dark dog; light clothes.

Clearly, these rules about what to wear with your dog were written for the show ring and the Daily Doxie recommends that you absolutely do not follow them in real life.While the woman on the left is supposed to be the “Fashion Do,” her hot pink suit burns the eyeballs. The guy on the right, who’s the dog show ring “Fashion Don’t,” makes a brown suit look okay, which is no mean feat. Even if he’s at risk for losing out on Best of Breed due to his attire, we find his outfit far superior for non-showing activities.

As for the pair with the black wiener dog, the Daily and Dachshund and Dog News is in complete diagreement with Houston Chronicle’s Dog Nanny, who deemed their outfits “very professional,” but we’ll leave you to decide for yourselves.

One thought on “What to wear with a black Dachshund

  1. DB

    I think I might have been less horrified by that “professional” pair’s outfits if their shoes hadn’t been an afterthought. Yikes.

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