Six degrees of Dachshund separation

In May of 2006, we brought home our second Dachshund Patrick (born on St. Paddie’s Day) to provide companionship for our then-six-year-old wiener dog, Gary.

Shortly after, we brought the boys to Patrick’s first San Diego Dachshund Club event — the annual summertime picnic. It was here that Patrick met his first girlfriend, Danka Dolittle All Day.

Danka was a red wiener dog wearing a cute polka-dotted dress and she was about a month older than Patrick. They couldn’t keep their paws off one another. Danka’s mom and dad were nice too. And though my husband Scott and I got along with them well, we went our separate ways at the end of that first meeting. Over the course of the next few years, we ran into Danka and her parents at various San Diego Dachshund-related events.

Fast-forward to February 2009. We are visiting my mother in LA and we get a phone call from my Aunt Brandi(owner of Maggie and Penny — both Dachshunds — and wife of Uncle Mike). She is down in Orange County visiting a friend she grew up with from kindergarten through high school. Like so many friendships, they lost touch after graduation, but had recently reunited thanks to the social media phenomenon Facebook. Brandi is asking on the phone if we know her friend Renee because Renee knows us.

We have no idea who she is talking about. Three hours pass and Brandi comes over to my mom’s house. She says, “My friend Renee knows you. I mentioned that my niece and nephew live in San Diego and have two Dachshunds named Gary and Patrick.” Apparently at the mention of my “sons” Gary and Patrick, Renee lit up and said, “I know them.”
Brandi told us that Renee was the owner of Danka Dolittle All Day and, of course, we then said, “Oh yeah, of course we know them … They are the parents of Patrick’s first girlfriend, Danka.

We are blown away at how small the world has become and what an unimaginable coincidence this is. So on April 26, this wiener dog miracle comes full circle. Uncle Mike and Aunt Brandi come stay with us for the weekend and on Sunday, we head to Balboa Park for the annual Vernal EquiDox, where we met up with our mutual friends Renee and Andy.

This was the first time Scott and I really got to know Renee and Andy; the first time Uncle Mike has met either of them; and only the second time Brandi and Renee had seen one another since high school. They are GREAT people! All five dogs — Gary, Patrick, Penny, Maggie and Danka — played their hearts out. And the six of us Dachshund moms and dads had a great time reacquainting and getting to know one another.

Pictured left to right: Renee & Danka, Andy, Aunt Brandi & Maggie, Uncle Mike & Penny, Me & Gary, Scott & Patrick

Just goes to show how much these Dachshunds can impact our lives … sometimes without us even knowing it.

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  1. Anonymous

    What a wonderful story. I love my grandweenies, Gary and Patrick and my nieces Maggie and Penny. Love, grandma debbie

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