10 thoughts on “Virginia Dachshund forces bear to get lost

  1. Gloria

    The Long and short of it all originated this story this morning, and it wasn’t in any news search I saw, too funny. I love both websites. We’ve got bears where I live too, they are scary. 🙂

  2. AnnB

    It’s interesting that there’s a whole crew of people that like to point out whenever the Daily Doxie posts an item after Long and Short of it All.

    And yet these people never point out on the Long and Short of it All, when the Daily Doxie has an item first.

    Also, before all this silliness began, I even linked to that other blog, but they never ever linked to me.

    So here’s my new policy: comments about how the Long and Short of It got the story first are now going to be deleted unless you can point out the url where you told them, the Daily Doxie had the story first.

    Sauce for the goose and all that.

  3. gloria

    I won’t bother to come here and comment or read anymore then. I don’t know what other comments you’re talking about, but I don’t like mean reactions to my comments. I’ll go back to reading google news and get it from the source.

  4. AnnB

    Gloria, I’m sorry if you’re not part of the gang that drops by from time to time to tell off the Daily Doxie.

    Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

    This has happened on a few other occasions and even gotten quite insulting. I may have deleted some of the comments as a result.

    Frankly, I find the whole thing tiresome.

    If you wandered into this inadvertently, my apologies.

    There’s a history here

  5. The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile

    That sucks that people would do that. I enjoy both blogs a lot, but they are different in style.

    One might say, two separate animals. 😉

    I loved the TV clip and the music they used. It was hilarious – “THE BATH OF A CHAMPION!”

  6. AnnB

    Yeah, I’m willing to bet that the circulation of the Long and Short of it All has gone way way up since the Daily Doxie arrived on the scene.

    Nothing like a bit of competition!

  7. Anonymous

    I live near Chicago and know the guy who does The Long And Short of it All and his sweet dashies Maggie and Joey. I see them at dog events every once in a while and am in some groups with him and his dogs. Why are you attacking his wonderful news blog? It was so nice to have a dachshund news website when he started it a year ago. He is a caring person and his dogs are amazing. He helps dashie rescue and transport all the time and has spearheaded dashie and dog fundraisers which raised over 30,000 dollars for animals in the last couple of years alone.

  8. AnnB

    I’m not attacking him or his blog.

    As I said above, I used to have a link to the blog until various people started coming over here and complaining.

    At first, I ignored it, but now I’m just plain fed up.

    This is the last I have to say on the subject.

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