Vet practises animal physiotherapy

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on a subject of interest to owners of dachshunds with back problems. It’s a rehabilitative process for animals similar to the ones humans undergo:

Veterinarian Ava Frick is nothing short of a miracle worker. She manipulates their spines, massages their tails, cracks their toes and stretches their muscles to control pain and help them recover from injuries and surgery.

Frick is the founder of the Animal Fitness Center in Union, about an hour’s drive southwest of St. Louis. She performs her magic in a metal building constructed seven years ago just outside of Union.

The center’s website is here. One of Frick’s specialties is the underwater treadmill seen in the photo above. It’s being used by a Doxie recovering from a back injury. Here’s another photo from Flickr showing Zoe the Dachshund doing her underwater exercises.