Vegas bookmakers set Westminster odds

The New York Times reports:

Las Vegas, the land of casino and sports-book betting, has taken notice of the purebred World Series. Last year, Johnny Avello, director of race and sports operations at the Wynn Las Vegas, started setting odds on the Westminster as a novelty for which there is no wagering.

With 2,627 entries making it unwieldy to set odds on individual dogs, Avello focused on each breed’s chances of winning. “It’s more difficult than setting odds on the Super Bowl,” he said from San Francisco on Monday. “It’s one game and one spread. And I’m so familiar with the teams.”

He gave the standard poodle the best odds, 25-1, followed by the toy poodle at 28-1, the German shepherd 30-1, the Welsh corgi 35-1, the Sealyham terrier 40-1 and the English springer spaniel 45-1. He said his odds were based on the show records of the 169 breeds represented at the Garden.

According to MSNBC, “Avello also has the odds on a dog from the terrier group winning the title listed at 2-1, with a dog ranked at 1-2 over a bitch at 9-5. He also believes that the odds favor a male handler being on the other end of the leash of the winning dog.”

Meanwhile talks to the dogs themselves about what’s going on:

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