An update on the Atlanta wiener dog rescue

The Daily Dachshund reported in late April on this rescue mission.
Apparently, lots of progress has been made. But Kristin of Dream Dachshund is not happy to report:

The saddest part is, the AKC had recently inspected the breeder, and she “passed with flying colors.” What does that tell you about inspections?

What indeed?

2 thoughts on “An update on the Atlanta wiener dog rescue

  1. Anonymous

    The same thing just happened here in Texas. Fifteen dachsies dumped on a small town (3000 people in the county!)animal control officer for precisely the same reason. Our small group took eight of them – none had any real vet care to speak of, 1/2 were heartworm positive, they all had a variety of worms and one little angel had badly infected anal glands. And the “breeder” had the nerve to tell the ACO they were up to date on their vet care!

    And through it all these pups have been angels.

    Hopefully, there’s a special place you know where for breeders like this!!

  2. Anonymous

    yeah there is a special place you know where:
    in Satan’s * (rhymes with Uranus)

    All Texas Dachshund Rescue

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