Two Doxie blogs we recommend

The Long and Short of It All has some great stuff, especially photos. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the author(s) are violating copyright laws like crazy — just grabbing any photos they want and re-using them without permission. Read it while you can because someone may get mad and close ’em down pretty soon.

Life with Jamine, our rescue dachshund
is the sweet, sweet tale of the slow process of making a once-abused dog whole. Jasmine the Doxie has made a lot of progress but still has a way to go. While she’s bonded with her mistress, we’re still waiting for her to fully accept the man of the house.

5 thoughts on “Two Doxie blogs we recommend

  1. Courtney Keys

    Funny how you are doing the same thing!! My Flickr pictures are copyright and you are using them. I don’t care if you gave me credit – you cannot use it and I do not want you to. Please remove my picture from your site as I requested in my email to you.

  2. Anonymous

    The daily doxie should be paying dachshund owners from flickr to use their photos – this blog is making money off of them with ad revenue.

    Sarah Balow

  3. AnnB


    Courtney, I only use photos with the bloggable icon. what’s more to ensure there’s no confusion, I leave a note saying that I’ve blogged the photo.

    And in cases like yours, when someone requests the photo be taken down, I remove it immeditely.

    Sarah, the amount of money I make here is really and truly negligible.

    However, I am aware that should it increase — as I would hope it does — there will have to be a compensation system for photography.

    I am actually working on trying to devise something that rewards content contributors. If you have any suggestions or know of any viable models (preferably automated), it would be great if you could let me know.

  4. Patrice

    You’re still condemning someone else for doing exactly what you do. Can you spell “hypocrite”?

  5. AnnB

    Actually Patrice, there are some distinctions. Newspapers and news agencies don’t make their photos bloggable like Flickr contribnutors do. And I don’t believe the blog in question notifies the publications whose photos it uses.

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