Amazing: Watch pregnant Dachshund give birth

The UStream.TV Blog called this video of Magic the Dachshund giving birth to the Daily Doxie‘s attention. The birth was streamed live with viewers commenting on what turned out to be a very tense situation requiring a C-section.

The event had Dachshund forums hopping as wiener dog lovers followed it like their favourite reality TV show. According to Magic’s owner, she is now home safe, groggy but doing fine. You can msee her with her three very large puppies on this live stream. And she’s a lot cuter than Donald Trump.

If you go to UStream, you can also watch the comments as they come in. And thankfully, there’s no trash talking. Magic’s a survivor but this aen’t Survivor.

And since we’re on the subject of Dachshunds giving birth, here’s a great three-minute YouTube video of Angela who has a much smoother time of it all than Magic.


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5 thoughts on “Amazing: Watch pregnant Dachshund give birth

  1. Anonymous

    That live birth is a bit slow for me. I prefer the Youtube, but then I’m part of the MTV generation.

  2. video fan

    I just saw Magic leave and go eat. I’d only seen her with the puppies or the puppies alone. What fun to see the actual departure.

  3. AnnB

    It’s the Trueman Show with Dachshunds. Now, Wienerluvr, if you could film your Doxie watching and post it on Youtube that would be really something!

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