Toronto dog poisonings hit too close to home

When I was in Toronto earlier this week, this story was all over the headlines. Unfortunately there is a personal Dachshund connection as my stepsister takes her two mini longhair wiener dogs to High Park every morning. I’ve asked her to give an exclusive interview to the Daily Doxie but, in the mean time, here’s what the Globe and Mail is reporting today:

The damage, whoever did it, was done last weekend, when six dogs visited the park and promptly fell ill. Two died and the others are recovering after emergency treatment.

A police investigation initially focused on water bowls near a fire hydrant, fitted with a tap and used by dog owners to quench their pets’ thirst, atop Dog Hill, the heart of the park’s large leash-free area. Later in the week, that theory was discounted and a loaf of chemical-laced whole-wheat bread was found near the 101-plot allotment gardens, which sit cheek-by-jowl with Dog Hill, inside the leash-free zone.

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