Top Dachshund names from traditional to cheeky

Picasso & Lump book

No, Lump isn’t on our list of great wiener dog names, proving even brilliant artists can make serious mistakes of taste. (Click here or on the image to find out more about this gorgeous book.)

Updated September 2011: Readers have added almost 100 more wiener dog names. Just scroll down to the comments to see them all. Whether you’re looking for something Germanic and traditional or more offbeat — like Brat, short for Bratwurst — we’ve got all sorts of suggestions.

—————————-, the largest online database of adoptable pets, announced earlier this month the 2007 Top 10 Pet Names for dogs. They were gathered from’s more than 11,000 animal shelters and rescue group members. But because not just any name is suitable for your Dachshund puppy, we’ve also added out own favourite wiener dog names below. popular dog names

1. Buddy 2. Max 3. Sadie 4. Jack 5. Daisy 6. Lucy 7. Lady 8. Charlie 9. Rocky 10. Duke

Favourite wiener dog names

For Female Dachshunds

Anka, (Mini-) Cooper, Sissy, Elfie, Elke, Elsa, Elsie, Freda, Greta, Gretchen, Heidi, Lexi, Lulu, Maddie, Millie, Mitzi, Riley, Sammy, Schnapps, Sophie, Susie

For Male Dachshunds

Arnold, Axel, Barry, Baxter, Benson, Bentley, (Mini-)Cooper, Dieter, Duncan, Felix, Frank, Fritz, Gavin, GΓΌnter, Jasper, Kaspar, Klaus, Luther, Marty, Max, Murphy, Oscar, Otis, Riley, Rusty, Sammy, Schnapps, Siegfried, Spencer, Tucker, Viktor, Willie

Almost 10 years ago, the Canadian Dachshund site,, did a survey of Doxie owners and found Oscar to be the most popular Dachshund name. If you want something Germanic influenced and didn’t find anything to your taste in the selection above, here’s a complete list of German names. The Daily Dachshund and Dog News especially likes Frieda for girls and Sigmund for boys. We’re also partial to Fritz, which is as classic as Oscar although less cerebral.

If you’re looking for a name because you’re about to get a puppy, be sure to visit our section on Dachshund puppies, which tells you how to find a happy, healthy wiener puppy (standard or mini) and bring it up right.

127 thoughts on “Top Dachshund names from traditional to cheeky

  1. Dachsie Devotee

    We have a tradition of naming our dachshunds with both german and royal names. We have been owned by Kleine Schwarz PRINCE von Lazo; Blackloch’s Galant BARON and Blackloch’s Lachen DUCHESS. Galant is the german spelling for gallant and Lachen means laughing in german. We think it is both appropriate and dignified for these wonderful hounds.

  2. Anonymous

    I think our name is the best-Banjo!
    Of course, for short he’s Banjie, Banjwa (Banjo in a not-very-good-French accent), and Bandito!

  3. pretentious professor

    My wiener’s named Frank. It’s less audacious than Brat(wurst) but it has the same double entendre.

  4. Curious student

    Pretentious professor,

    Is that your wiener’s name or your wiener dog’s name.

  5. Anne

    My little boy’s full name is Prince Otto von Weiner but we just call him Otto and my kids, adults mind you, call him Weiner.

    Otto was particularly disgusting on one of our walks – eating deer poop, chewing on a roadkill squirrel and picking up an old porkchop bone, so he had an alias just for the day – the most disgusting sausage I could think of – Haggis.

  6. Anonymous

    We have six long dogs, Weenie, Willie, Shaft, Peter, Froderick Von Frankensteen, and Frau Blucher.
    We love the pitter patter of little feet!

    dachsie mom

  7. AnnB

    And apparently you also love the literary licentiousness of phallic names.

    Did Shaft live up to his name?

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry everyone I have THE most clever and original name for my doxie…

    Johnson Slim the first or Johnson for short..

    Its subtle and yet direct, We do get asked lots why we gave him such a serious name

  9. Anonymous

    Hi, my very first dachshund I got was a boy and my daughter told me she would look up cool boy dog names on the internet, the first name she told me was “Romeo” and I said thats it! Hes my little Romeo.

  10. Anonymous

    My boy is called Sizzle cause here in Australia we have sausage sizzles… bbq sausages… he seems to love it

    1. Jacqueline

      I used to have a red Sausage dog and his name was Shamus-Frankie- Longfellow I named his Longfellow after the Poet.

  11. Anonymous

    My doxies are Anna and Gustav. Annie and Gus. Someday, number three has a lot of possibilities – I really like ‘Pretzel’. ‘Cooper’is great too. Maybe ‘Lily’ or ‘Phoebe’ for girls?

  12. Anonymous

    We have an 18 year old dachshund named Bucky. He ate a rat, cat poop, and a box of chocalates; and he’s still going strong. Although he has weight issues, we love him to death.

  13. Mandy's Mom

    My dachsie’s name is Mandy. Heidi would be a cute dachshund name if it wasn’t already MY name πŸ˜‰ LOL!

  14. amanda

    My childhood doxie’s names were Sam and Gus. Samantha Noel (a 10 year old’s favorite christmas gift) and her son Gustov von Leibling (supposedly Leibling means little one in German). Sam had puppies (Gus) and Oscar (Meyer of course), Frank (furter), Noodle, Sophie, and Gert. My in-laws named their doxie girl Friedl.

  15. Julie

    I've always grown up with dachshunds and over the years we've had some great names and even better dogs! Willie was our first, Murray & his son Mackie next. My parents currently have Nathan (after the hotdog), Gus and Charlie both of which are named after very popular hotdog "dives" in our area. Everyone from around here always gets a big kick out of the names because they know their meaning right away : ) My husband and I were married two years ago and got a piebald black and white doxie named Jackson… Michael Jackson was my childhood idol and the whole black/white thing just fit into the mix. They are the little friends in the world!

  16. Anonymous

    I just posted my dog's name "Bob Barker". We're getting two more doxies; brother & sister & we're naming them "Mini-Pearl" and "Longjohn".

  17. Anonymous

    Have to give a mention to my miniature Dachshund, when I was growing up : "Tina"….RIP
    What a brightly intelligent and hilarious dog she was.

    My cousin's male toy Dachshund is named "Gus" . I don't know why that's funny to me…it just is.

    SB Smith –
    Dog & Cat Lady in Texas

  18. Anonymous

    my little man is named Slinky, for the dog from Toy Story. Plus he kinda looks like a slinky coming down the stairs!!!

  19. Anonymous

    When, I got my boy I looked him in the eye calling him one name after another but nothing seem to fit. Then I said,”Eddie”. His tail went crazy. He’s my special Eddie. When he is in trouble I use his full name, Edmond Levi Jefferson, it is as long as he is.

  20. Anonymous

    I loved reviewing all the german names for everyone’s dachshunds. But our “JaegerMeister” is the most special long hair black doxie that you could find. A personality that matches his name. Mellow and inspirational.
    Full AKC name: JaegerMeister Von Stablein.

  21. Alkay

    We have five miniature dachshunds in our family. Of all of them I like the name of our little brown female, which is Tootsie Roll. Also the runt of the litter, who is not the largest, came out backwards and we didn’t think he would make it. We named him Reverse. All of them were named by my daughter and we think she did a great job!

  22. Bird Girl

    I have a tiny mini-doxie, only six pounds, red short hair, hazel eyes and liver nose. I happen to think she’s the cutest thing EVER. She was so small when I got her that she fit on a washcloth!

    Her name is Amelia Jellybean…but we call her Weenee, Weenee-Beenee, or Beenee Baby!

    (no, that isn’t her in my profile picture there, teehee!)

  23. E R

    I’ve had five since the age of 10. I am now in my late 50’s. First Pepper, Chipper, Skeeter, Heidi, Pasta. Just lost my beloved Pasta at 15+ years in October. That one crushed my heart when he left me.

  24. E R

    I have had five doxies since 1960. Pepper, Chipper, Skeeter, Heidi, Pasta. The last one was Pasta, whom I lost this past October to heart failure. He was 15 plus years and a sweetheart. A red dilute that was a stand up comedian. The loss really crushed my heart.

  25. Anonymous

    I have a 15-year-old standard smooth-coated red dachshund named Daisy! Her middle name is Golightly, which is extra funny since she resembles a watermelon with legs. I also had a mini smooth black-and-tan named Stinkerbelle who died a few years ago.

  26. Anonymous

    Wow your Dachshund names are crazy…LOL but cool I have 2 dachshunds i have a 3 month old named khloe & a 1 yr old named MochaChino but Mochi for short very simple names…My aunt has 7 Dachshunds theres mochi's sister Jojo,Peanut,Cappi,Lil frank,noah,jasmine,Benny all ranges from 3 months 1 1/2 years old…

  27. loopi320

    i think maxamillion von hotdog was THE best name on here! by far!! what a cool dog he must be!! i am getting my first dachshund in a few wks and we have decided to call her Lola!

  28. Anonymous

    Luv all your names. I am only on my 2nd and 3rd. My 1st was named “Mork”, yes it belies my age, #2 is ‘Rudy” and #3 is “Stretch” so practical for this one a beloved rescue boy.

  29. Randall

    Our Prissy (Priscilla von Cauthen)had to be put down this past Saturday. She was 15 years old, and my hubby and I are so very lonesome. This house is too quiet. I ‘hear’ her everywhere still. I look forward to the next one, but know she will have to be very different from our girlie. It just hurts…. πŸ™

    1. Lori

      I list my Lily LuLu this year and my heart is broken. I never stop looking for her and missing her. My kids surprised me and a new baby doxie will be joining our family soon. She will be a blessing but I will never stop missing my little LuLu!

  30. Nicole

    We have a Kaiser and a Sophie. We thought that Kaiser, our first, would rule the roost, but no, he’s a real pushover. πŸ™‚

  31. Anonymous

    We have 2 dachs now -Cosquare (Coco)a chocolate doll and J-Lo,a sweetheart I adopted with heavy hips.

  32. Anonymous

    I have a skinny black and tan “slinky” aka “barkzilla for rilla” and a chubby dapple “hans”

  33. Anonymous

    We have two mini doxies (boys) and they are the loves of our lives:) Don’t know what I’d do without them! Their names are Chilly Cowboy Joe, aka Cowboy and Taco the Love Dog, aka Taco. I’d really like to get another one, just need to convince my hubby that I need a third one:0 I don’t think I’ll have to try too hard, he loves the dogs too.

  34. Anonymous

    My owner named me Schnitzel (first name) Pierogi (middle name) because of our family’s German/Polish heritage.


  35. Bobbi Lenox

    Our 9 month old male is “Willi Wigglebottom”, but since I noticed his habit of lying under the covers with just the tip of his nose peeking out, his nicknamee has been “Schnorkel” (German spelling of Snorkel)

  36. Anonymous

    Our little guy is named Dick – my husband thought it was a great play on words and it gets a funny reaction from people. Since we have to children and our home backs up to a city park – we call him Dickie most of the time.

  37. Anonymous

    We have a mostly black female we named Hershey Belle (“Belly”) and a dark tan male we called Peanut Butter (“Nutty”). Their first child will be given the name Reeses.

  38. Anonymous

    I also have a Schnitzel. His Daddy’s name is Hotwheels and his Momma is Lulu.

    If I ever get another doxie, it will be Jaeger.

  39. heather

    Growing up with doxies we had several and a multiple dogs with the same name Fritz, Schwepsey (parents must have liked the german origin), Hannah, Charlie (a girl) and my current weenie is a black and tan Xena the Warrior Princess. She even has a fan club on Facebook. Pathetic I know…We are in debate over a name for our new black and tan piebald male that we get in 3 wks. Hoping this page will spark some ideas!

  40. Flaca

    we need help with a name for a mini- dachshund black & tan dapple we are rescuing today. she's very calm…. which we hope will balance out our very active mini-doxie Lola that we already have. we're latino so we'd like a name that reflects that… were leaning to Frida, Mia or Josie.

  41. Anna P.

    i have two wonderful doxies.
    my long haired black, tan and silver dapple is named Jameson Jagger, James for short (i won the breed battle, so my husband named the puppy). Then about a year later we rescued a female long haired piebald. After days of name consideration, I named her Kishka Bel. Kishka after the slavic sausage, and Bel meaning ‘white.’

  42. Anonymous

    Some great names but I love mine!!.. Hector who is 13 and Rory who is 6. Both ‘Scotsmen’ and great boys!

  43. Karen

    We have a beautiful wire-haired dachshund who we call Finnigan. Our breeder thought it was interesting that we gave him a celtic name, but then one of Finn’s brothers went to a client in Texas and they named him Seamus. What ever we call them they are wonderful dogs, and we feel blessed to have ours. We may get a new pup in June and we are thinking of Angus or Dermot.


  44. Mom of a dachsie

    My dachshund's name is Blackie!! He is our darlin!! We wouldnt know what to do without him!! My daughter named him when she was in the first grade!!!The reason is he is black and tan!!

  45. Randi

    I have a mini named Mason & a full size named Scooter :]
    I didn't pick the names, but they were absolutely perfect for them!

  46. jack

    we need help with a name for a mini- dachshund black & tan dapple we are rescuing today. she's very calm…. which we hope will balance out our very active mini-doxie Lola that we already have. we're latino so we'd like a name that reflects that… were leaning to Frida, Mia or Josie.
    dog puppies care

  47. Anonymous

    my weenie is Wiener Schnitzel
    she gets called just schnitzel or her nickname is Nitzy. which is adorable, because on the simpsoms, marge tries to get a vanity license plate that says mitzy, but its already taken. the clerk suggests nitzy. im a simpsons nerd as well as a doxie nerd so the name is perfect for my dog

  48. Anonymous

    My mini's name is Newmie we wanted a dog named Neuman of sienfield fame be we also wanted a female, so Nemwie was decided

  49. Anonymous

    Current haus is populated with Gretel, Heidi & Winnie II. Sibling has Helga III und Freida. Parental unit has a little red Portia. We always stick with good German names for our hounds. But I will admit, the best non-German names for a pair I met, were for a red girl & black boy: Lucy & Ricky. πŸ™‚

  50. Anonymous

    The dackel we had growing up–Heinie. The dackel my wife and I had from 1979 to 1984 (Best Dog Ever)–Waldi.

  51. Dachsie Devotee

    We have now lost our Baron and Duchess (17 and 14 respectively). Though they can Never be replaced we have now been adopted by Barkerville Angel Baby "Mylee" and "Kleine Odie von Auguston."

  52. Bindi

    Our previous dachshunds were given royal titles but nothing seem to fit my 10lb red female so I called her Qwienie. Like all dachshunds she has a mind of her own so sometimes I call her 'The Qwiener'.

  53. Franziska

    We named our Hans der Wunderpup. he's a little wired haired and a trouble maker but we love him πŸ™‚

  54. Anonymous

    I have 2 mini wieners mr.p (peanut) and mrs.wiggles penut is a black and tan and mrs.wiggles is a mini red we also have a great dane they are all best friends :)they are the greatest dogs they are excelent with my kids im a very proud wieny mama Jolene from Mississippi

  55. Anonymous

    our 4 year old is male named [sir longfellow whittingham johnson] long for short. just got a mini dach f saturday. trying to figure a perfect name. also have a dach- chiauau named shiva [hindu goddess of mischief.

  56. Anonymous

    We have a smooth red male called Chilli Rat Rose, he is very naughty and his best friend is a doberman.

  57. Stephanie

    I thought about it a long time and decided my Doxie would be Sidney. He’s the best! But if I had picked out a “she”, it still would have been Sydney!

  58. Robin

    Our little mini sable is named Smidgen, or Midge for short. We also have a standard red long-hair named Jax.

  59. Jo

    Got our 1st doxie in Germany, a black & tan named Johan Sebastian Schmidt or Mittie for short. He died at 15 yrs. We waited 2 yrs to get our second, a female b&t named Hettie Honey McSchmidt McCoy, after my husband’s mom and our beloved Mittie. Finally got another male about 3 yr ago, again a b&t and named him Hemsbach Waldmohr McCoy, Hemi, for short. The name comes from the 2 towns we lived while in Germany. The McCoy is the family name. We love our doxies and spoil them rotten!!!

  60. Danielle

    Hi there, I have 6 of the most gorgeous babies in the world. They are named Donna (13 years), Candy Girl (7 years), Charlie Brown (7 years), Judd Harris (5 years), Rough Magic (5 years) and now a beautiful little girl named Scarlett O”Hara (9 months). Donna, Candy and Judd are champions and Scarlett is winning all her puppy groups in the hound ring.

    Charlie Brown was my very first Dachsie and I was given Donna and Candy from a very dear friend. My dogs have healed me in so may ways. They don’t ask for much, just love, so my husband and I give them our all. We are in South Africa. Cape Town

  61. hanna

    Merlin, the blue eyed shape shifter
    MacLeod (Puppydog) for MacLeod Pappidas, the person
    Roux a hot saucy girl

  62. dai's mammy

    my first dacxhshund was sasha doo she passed away 3 june 2010 now i have dai bach a sausage he’s a silver dapple mini long haired, my sister has 2 girl mini long haired daxi’s ellie may who’s 19 months old and dinky mash who has just turned 1 year

  63. Jack's Mommy

    I had a friend back in Louisiana who had a dachshund named “Boudin” (pronounced boo-dan), after the Cajun specialty that is shaped like a long sausage. I always thought that was the funniest name and very clever for a little dachshund.

  64. Wilma

    We have our fourth dachshund…… and their personalities are adorable and addictive!! They are super , lovable pets!
    We had an amber,short haired called Miekie (9 years), 2 black and tan females called Jessie (7years) and Pippa (+3 years)and our present b&t dackle is called Zoe. The latter is best buddies with our huge male ginger cat.

  65. EJ

    Our six week old puppy we named mia weenie von fuchs.our last name is fox and that translates to fuchs in german. she’s adorable.this breed is awesome!

  66. Amy

    We have 3 weiner dogs. First is Suka, full name is Wea Suka (sunshine in cherokee) whos a standard black and tan, Lana who is a year old mini red , and a puppy (the mother just had 3 pups and we kept one) black and tan.We are unsure what to name the puppy, i think carmella, but were not sure yet.

  67. Michelle

    My son wanted to name our dashchund Schnitzel so he could have his Weiner Schnitzel… but alas he was out voted for Lola. I am getting a little boy in a few hours and am looking for inspiration but think I will avoid the phallus names.

  68. Penny L

    My first dachshund I had from age 4 until 19 was Tammy, then Shadrach was my mini black/tan boy, we rescued Hansel and Gretal, they’ve all passed on and Now I have my Oscar de la Mayer and rescue dog Annie. There’s nothing better than a doxie.

  69. Heather

    The first dachshund i had was Oscar Mayer. He’s now 11. Just adopted a female, she’s beautiful. Her name is Ginger, but I’d love to change it….but have NO ideas lol help??

  70. Charlie

    We named our black and tan doxie Houdini because he was such an escape artist. Houdini the weenie:) the most precious little man ever:)

  71. moonlessnite

    My first tekkel was a blackand tan standard named DEVIL…and he certain was that! My second one was a mahongany tiny girl named poco-nopoco. We then bought a most cuddly red smooth mini and daughter named him HENDRIX T. Weiner…he lived to be 16 1/2…we now have a piebald female named gangsta-grrl, and a micro-mini blond one named Villain. Out next ones will most like be named HOODLUM and FELON…tough names for tiny doggies.

  72. barbara

    A 14 yr. old red mini named “Dodger Dog” because he resembles my favorite baseball food of my favorite baseball team AND “Dixie Cup” because the 1st time I took her to the dog park, as lady said “well, she’s small enough to fit in a dixie cup” (some younger folks may not know what that is, but we “mature” people do πŸ™‚

  73. Patty in Texas

    I live in a condo and for some reason everyone (almost everyone) who lives there has a pair of Doxies.
    The names?
    Scooter/ Skeeter (female and male)
    Limo and Subway (2 males)
    Tootsie and Tweeky (mother daughter)

    So when the time came to think of a pair of names for my male and female I recieved as gifts, I thought about their names for a while.
    I thought of my favorite movie of all time.
    I named the male BUD and the female, Sissy. πŸ™‚

    and only a few people would get it.

    Since all the good names were taken (all names that represented doxies) this was the best I could do.

  74. Linda

    Our 1st, a rescue, is a standard smooth red, Digger D. Dog because when we got him he ran around the yard digging multiple ankle breaking holes, he’s now 15 yrs. 8 yrs. later I got Wiley’s Wild Girl, aka “Stevie” after Stevie Nix, a mini smooth red. Next came brothers Brutus & Oscar de LaHoya, Stevie is their mom. Brutus is a silver dapple who was supposed to be a mini, but is standard size, hence the name & his little brother Oscar De LaHoya, a teeny weenie, who had to fight for his life after he was born, as we found out he has an overbite & could not nurse, was fed every 2 hours with a dropper; the boys are now 4 yrs. old, all are spoiled rotten, but we wouldn’t give them up for anything.

  75. Gayla

    We, my man & I, have two little ones. Jefferson Brodee Edward Alton, Brodee for short, is a red dapple and Ocean Breeze who is my little female black and tan.

  76. Mickey

    Our first doxie a tiny red girl was named Noodle. we are getting another one soon and I am thinking about Ruby or Slim.

  77. diana

    I’ve had to doxies…a wire hair male that showed up on my doorstep when he was about 7 years ago and totally adopted me…he was the BEST dog ever…and I lovingly called him CHESTER. When Chester was about 10, I added a male dapple short hair for a playmate and we call him HOSS. Doxies are the best dogs ever!!!

  78. diana

    AND….when I get closer to retiring in a couple more years…I’d like to have another mini daschund…maybe even 2. For a male I’m thinking JAEGER…..for a female….it will definitely be FIFI unless I can find a clever German name that strikes my liking. Any suggestions??

  79. Philip

    our first is Tillie, then came Oatis, then three rescues Mazie, Boomer, and Dappie. Just when we thought we were done along came Bennie. I wanted to male sure he had a good home since he was blind in one eye and they said he might lose his sight in the other eye. That was 18 months ago and he is doing great.

  80. Linda

    My red smooth girl is Pixel Sprite — because she’s a colorful little imp! πŸ™‚

  81. Nicole

    Our dachshunds are Beans and Mash. Beans of course came from “Franks and Beans” and then Mash was named for the song “My Bangers, My Beans and Mash”.

  82. Sherry

    Our 8 lb 16 yr old black and tan short haired mini doxi female is Miss Virginia’s Sweetpea. She has a happy bladder so Sweetpea really lived up to her name. She is beautiful and healthy as can be and we expect her to be one of those 20 yr old doxies.

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