Timberwolves kill Minnesota Dachshund

WDIO reports:

Linda Ziegler says she let her 5-year-old dachshund, Jenny, outside just before noon last Thursday. Ziegler was standing on her front steps when two timberwolves appeared.

“The minute they spotted her, well that was the end,” said Linda. “They went right after her and they killed her. And they were carrying her around the yard and there was no one around anywhere. So I was under the impression that these two were wild.”

The wolves belong to the Minnesota Wildlife Connection. Founder Lee Greenly says the business provided the animals for a photo shoot near the Ziegler’s property when the wolves wandered a little too far.

“I deeply regret that this incident happened and we’ll take precautions,” said Greenly. “99% of the time it’s never a problem. It’s just that 1% that happens, and this happened to be a problem.”

This sad story bears investigating. It sounds like there’s more to it.

6 thoughts on “Timberwolves kill Minnesota Dachshund

  1. ScamperingScotties

    How horrible! Some people in this state (MN) are not the brightest.. Wild animals should NOT be kept as pets.. and why in the world were the wolves even allowed to wander “a little too far”?! My sympathies go to the family that lost their beloved pet.

  2. Anonymous

    Quite possibly the worst dog breed in existence, it’s unfortunate we can’t increase wolf stocks by feeding them dachshund’s.

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