Are three wiener dogs too many?

There must be a strange lunar alignment or something because over the past 24 hours, I’ve gotten two separate e-mails looking for homes for wiener dogs.
One from a friend who’s mother-in-law is moving and can’t take her 2-year-old with her, and the other from Patrick’s (my youngest son) breeder looking for a home for a 10-week-old chocolate and tan (pictured below).
I can’t stand the thought of these babies going to the pound. My love of Doxies is telling me to give one of them a home, but are three wieners too much? We live in a pretty small townhouse.
If you have any insight on a three-doxie-household or if you know of any one that wants to welcome one of these dogs into their homes, please let me know.

18 thoughts on “Are three wiener dogs too many?

  1. Angie Robert

    The two-year-old is in Idaho but can come down to So. Cal. The puppy is in Texas, but she ships any where in the US. I got my puppy from her and he flew from Houston to San Diego on Continental. 🙂 No problems whatsoever.

  2. Cole

    Oh, how adorable!! If I didn't work so many hours – I'd gladly take on a new puppy (which would make me a 3 weiner house).

  3. Twix

    Hmmmm, hubby and I have talked about getting another but haven't made a decision. The pup looks almost exactly like Twix did at that age. We also live in a small townhouse so I understand your concerns. One of my biggest concerns with getting another is the barking! Twix is very protective of her territory and I'm worried having another would drive the neighbors crazy. Do you have any photos of the 2 year old? I would assume she is potty trained, etc? Would there be any way of getting her to the KC area?
    Twix's Mom

  4. Angie Robert

    Hey Twix:

    My friend is going to be sending me pix soon. Will you e-mail me your contact info, please? I'll put the two of you in touch.



  5. Anonymous

    Hi; I already have a male doxie and would love to have another one, I am in NJ, where are the pups?

  6. holykowkirby

    Am I on Craigslist here??? A dog is not a piece of furniture that doesn't fit in your new apartment- it's a serious and lifelong commitment. Shame on you for suggesting they go to the pound! There are many great dachshund rescues that exist for this reason. If breeders would use a waiting list, there wouldn't be puppies needing homes. Thanks for helping these two dogs find homes, but let's also educate folks so it doesn't keep reoccuring.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Angie,

    3 wiener dogs in a home, no big deal! We have, believe it or not, 12 of them, ranging in age from 8 years old to the youngest 15 weeks. We have a doggie door and a securely fenced in back yard which makes it significantly easier on me. And of course, our living space is all on one floor, no stairs. I love having so many because I think it's so interesting to watch the relationships that form between them, and seeing the whole pack stampede in or out, running and playing. So, I'd say go for #3, you won't be sorry at all!
    And if you want to chat with me further, my email is

  8. Amy

    We have three mini doxies and it's totally easy. I thought it would be difficult to manage but it's absolutely piece of cake easy.

    I'll take the pup is nobody else does. Since I already have three, others who have less (or none) should get first pick.

  9. Angie Robert

    Thank you all for your feedback and interest. I'd never let these guys go to a pound. Fortunately, a home has been found for the 2-year-old.

    Not sure about the other, but I know the owner has had a lot of inquiries.
    I am sure she'll have a great home.

    Forgive me if this gave you a Craig's List feel. Not my intention at all. I was really wondering about three dogs v. two dogs. Got some great advice, and also a lot of interest (which I did not anticipate).

    If I ever thought any of them would go to the pound, I would have scooped them right up and let them live with me.

  10. Kymby

    Has someone taken these pups? I want to be sure they have found homes and just came across this site.

  11. Lillie Brown

    awesome to see that mnay people are interested in the doxies!!! beeen looking to adopt and thought maybe this doxie is right. just need to know where the pups location is

  12. Jessica

    I actually own three weenies right now and i really do love them. The only problems are that they tend to get jealous of each other and it gets a little hard to plan trips around them. I love my doxies though and i wouldn't trade them for anything.
    (i live in a small home as well 😀 )

  13. Gayle Frank

    I have three dachshunds and one Golden Retriever and wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Doxies are like Lays potato chips. You can never have just one…or two…….


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