These Dachshund boots aren’t made for walking

How does your Dachshund handle bad winter weather? Does she get sore feet? Do you use dog boots? How long did it take for your Dachshund to get used to boots? Please let the Daily Doxie know your secrets for coping with sore winter feet.

8 thoughts on “These Dachshund boots aren’t made for walking

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, poor dog. My dachsie hates boots more than the awful salt on the streets so I use a thick coat of vaseline applied before walks.

  2. Anonymous

    Omigosh! My doxie looked JUST like this when we first put his boots on! LOL! Like a drunken ballerina. Hysterical!

    He has since learned to walk in them, even run.

    I found the trick to getting them on easily is to have him flip over on his back, feet in the air. Then just slip them on til they are snug, then apply the velcro strips below/above his anklebone.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm having loads of problems trying to find boots that fit, as his front paws are obiously much bigger than his front?
    What Brand would you recommend ?

  4. Anonymous

    We just got my doxie little booties because her feet would bleed while trying to keep up with the big dogs outside. She doesnt love them and is always trying to kick them off, but get her outside in the snow on a walk, or even better throw the tennis ball for her, and she forgets that they are on. Even better, her feet dont bleed and she doesnt cry because her little paws are freezing!

  5. Kathy

    Have you found any boots that will stay on your dachshunds feet. I recently moved to Greenland with my dachshund and I can’t seem to keep her boots on her feet and after a few minutes the cold icy conditions make her feet hurt. Any advice?

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  7. cayley

    Hi I know this is an old post – but would love to know what style of boots sit best on a mini dashund. My little boy gets sore itchy feet with allergies and when its really bad he will try lick his toes raw.
    I’d love to get him some boots but as he has hardly any leg there are issues getting boots to fit without strapping around his knees as there is hardly any gap between knee and ankle so then he cant walk. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated šŸ™‚

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