The Dachshund who has the dog trainers stumped

Apparently no dog trainer has yet been able to answer this question:

Dear Old Trainer: I have a 3-year-old dachshund (Charlie), whom I love dearly. He was my best friend and went everywhere with me until my husband brought home a German shepherd (Duke), whom I also love dearly. After Duke came, Charlie seemed a little jealous and became very distant. I tried to pick him up, and he snapped at me.

I told him “No!” in a firm tone and took him outside. Ever since then he growls at me, and no dog treat can change his mind. Charley is not that way with Duke or my husband. He likes Duke and follows him around the yard. I have tried everything, but nothing works. Please help me, I need advice!

— Geraldine, Atwater

The Old Trainer has promised to try and get answers for next week.