The case of the vicious Dachshund

The case of the vicious DachshundIn South Africa, a biting Dachshund landed his school teacher owner in jail after he attacked a passerby.

Mary-anne Baasch, is, however, defending herself against the charge of owning a vicious dog, as well as planning to take action against the police for unlawful arrest.

“I believe they duped me into going into the cell and, once I was in there, they locked the door and told me I was under arrest,” she said of her arrest last Thursday.

Baasch said two-year-old Napoleon had never bitten anyone before or after the incident.

She had been driving out of her garage, which has automated doors, when the dog ran to the road as the guard walked past.

Baasch said the guard’s trousers were not torn and the wound “looked more like a graze than a bite”.

Update: The charges are dropped. “I am so relieved,” Baasch told the local newspaper. “And I am so grateful for all the support”.