Texas wiener dog adopts four kittens

The Graham Leader in Texas has the story of Jackie-O, a mother Dachshund who who has been nursing four stray kittens along with two puppies of her own for the past month. Growing up in a blended interspecies family has the kittens thinking they’re dogs and the puppies using the litter box, but everybody gets a long just fine, according to the article.

Here’s some of the background:

The kittens were found in a warehouse at Swan right after a severe storm. (Kim Baxter of the Young County Humane Society Shelter) said the storm likely scared the mother cat away. “They were in fairly good condition,” she said. “You could tell they had been nursing.”
Since the kittens were too young to live on their own, Baxter could either set up around-the-clock feedings, giving them milk every two hours, or she could find a new mother to adopt them.
There was only one problem. The only new mother in the shelter was a dachshund. Baxter said she has heard reports of dogs taking in kittens and feeding them, so she decided to give it a try.
She put one cat in the cage with the mother dog and her two 4-day-old puppies and was surprised to see the dog immediately take to the kitten. She slowly put in the other three.
“She took them right away and started cleaning them,” Baxter said.

Given their background, Baxter wants the kittens to go to homes with dogs. Way to go, Jackie-O. The Daily Doxie wishes we knew a little more about you.

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