Texas governor pays $1800 pet deposit for doxie

While the Texas governor’s mansion in Austin is being renovated and repaired, Rick Perry, his wife and Dachshund, Lucy, have moved to an exclusive gated community where the rent is $9,900 per month (as opposed to $10,000) and where they don’t let you off the $1,800 pet deposit even if you’re the governor.

This seems a little unreasonable to the Daily Dachshund and Dog News team, which had never even heard of pet deposits. Calling all Texans to the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Texas governor pays $1800 pet deposit for doxie

  1. Anonymous

    I am surprised you have not heard of pet deposits. I have not lived anywhere that you did not have to pay deposit plus monthly rent.
    Here in Arizona the average is $500.00 deposit partially refunded when you move and damages attributed to pet deducted.
    Then you pay a monthly fee of $15-30 per pet.
    They are also doing breed restrictions such as no Dalmations, Pit Bulls, German Shepards, and more. There is often a weight restriction of 10 to 40 pounds which limits many dogs.

  2. Rosalyn

    I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them too, unless you’ve never rented. In Chicago, a $100 deposit is common, but some places it’s $200. Jerky landlords will make it a fee instead of a deposit or charge a monthly pet fee of about $20. The fees are usually per pet.

  3. Anonymous

    My last house in Austin had a pet deposit (half of which was non-refundable) and a 20 lb weight restriction on any animal brought into the house. My pet deposit was only a tenth of what Perry paid, but then again so was a my rent.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah I also paid $300 per dog. This was not a deposit, it was a non-refundable pet fee.

  5. Maltese Cross

    My fiancee’s gated apartment complex in Oklahoma City required a $300 pet deposit, which covered both months she was there. It was a very dog-friendly complex where a lot of dog owners took their dogs to the courtyard after work to play. $1,800 seems a bit over-the-top…bu then again the cost of rent is even more rediculous.

  6. Anonymous

    We rent in an apartment community and there was a $200 or so non refundable pet deposit and monthly pet rent of $45.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m a dog lover, but have also been a landlord, burned by owner’s of badly trained dogs,

    Perhaps this is unrealistic, but if I had my way, there would be a “Pet deposit” (dog or cat mainly) equal to the cost of replacing carpeting; repairing or replacing hardwood floors ruined by the ammonia in urine, cleaning or replacing drapery ruined by pets, etc.

    For each and every owner of a well trained and well-cared for pet, there are probably multiple pet owners who have pets with damaging habits.

    Sadly, I suspect that in many cases pet deposits don’t even come close to the damage that resulted from the pets.

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