Tribute to an older Dachshund

As the editorial staff of the Doxie News was seeking out stories to bring you, we came across this tale of Felix, an older Dachshund, passed from father to daughter.

In a way, I think that’s why we bonded, Felix and I. We had something truly unique in common: We’d both survived the Victor Ozaist style of child rearing – tossed into the ocean, with absolutely no warning. (That’s how I learned to swim, too, and how both Felix and I ended up absolutely terrified of water as “kids.”)

Halfway through his puppyhood, my father whisked Felix across the country with him. When I went to visit them in Arizona around Christmastime, Felix came flying down the dusty, ochre-colored road toward me with a look on his face of “Get me the hell out of here!”

Happily, and as is often not the case with Tributes at the Dachshund News, Felix is still alive and living out his golden years in Brooklyn close to Prospect Park.

5 thoughts on “Tribute to an older Dachshund

  1. lisa

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  2. lisa


  3. Mary Ann Dennis

    I loved hearing about how Lisa is trying to take in and help our older Doxie’s, if others can’t care for them!! My Ikea will be nine years old next month, and though she is still very active, I watch for her health and have made her walk up inclines to the bed and couch, so she doesn’t hurt her back. She has been the companion of my heart.
    Thanks for running the article on Felix the older Doxie, from father to daughter!! I could just hear Felix when he was running down the road!! It was my big laugh for the day!! Mary Ann Dennis, Port St Lucie, Florida

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