Terrierman rips into dog aggression study

The Terrierman, a guy who’s never to shy to tell you what he really thinks, is ripping into the academic study that named Dachshunds the most aggressive dog breed. Here’s just part of what he has to say:

The Dachshund? Wiener dogs are the most aggressive dogs on the planet?


According to the authors of the study, after those killer Dachshunds comes the killer Chihuahuas, the killer Jack Russell terriers, and the killer Beagles.

Killer Beagles? Hmmmmmm. Something is seriously wrong here!

In terms of larger breeds, the highest aggression rating goes to the Akita. The Pit Bull came in sixth, while such notorious biting breeds as Dalmatians and Corgis did not even make it on to the survey.

Terrierman recommends this video, which he calls “Pack of Killer Dachshunds on the Loose.”
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