3 thoughts on “Terrierman mean to fat Dachshund fanciers

  1. Voice of Reason for Dogs

    “a bit mean … definitely funny”? These are real identifiable people whose pictures have been put on line for Terrierman’s amusement! But why would anyone expect any less from him? His blog is simply a string of vulgar and biggotted ramblings that many have probably been led to believe are his original thoughts. They’re not. He plagerizes the ideas of the members of a canine genetics group and then blogs them in a one-sided way. Terrierman is basically a sham. He is so insecure in
    his “strong ‘plagerized’ opinions” that he censures all commentaries to his blog site. If a person doesn’t agree with him and heap on the compliments then the
    comments never see the light of day. He publically called the secretary of the KC a “liar” and then used her rebuttal in another blog to ridicule her. His so-called “humour” is always at the expense of others, and not in a quiet way, but broadcast all over the internet. Let’s call a spade a spade. He is full of high falutin’ talk but there’s not much fact, if any, to it. And I wonder if he has taken a good look at himself in the mirror lately? We all saw him on Nightline, I guess terrorizing badgers and other rodents out of their holes doesn’t burn a lot of calories. Yes, Terrierman, the truth sometimes hurts, it’s about time you learned that.

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