Team Sealyham: Go Charmin Go!!!

Charmin and handler Margery Good at Eukanuba (Photos above and below: Courtesy American Kennel Club)

Now that the Dachshunds are out of the running for the Westminster Best in Show title, the Daily Dachshund and Dog News is officially throwing its support behind Efbe’s Hidalgo At Goodspice aka Charmin the Sealyham, who won the Terrier Best of Group.

We particularly like USA Today‘s headline — “Judges find soft spot for Charmin at Westminster” — on top of a story all about how the 3-1/2 -year-old Sealyham Terrier got his nickname:

When (he) was a pup, he was fluffy and soft just like, well, you know …

“He was squeezeably soft,” says owner-handler Margery Good of Cochranville, Pa. If Mr. Whipple was around, he might even allow you to squeeze him. Of course, his name has led to the usual puns. “Charmin’s on a roll” became his slogan.

And what a roll. Charmin finished last year as the United States’ No. 4 dog and top terrier. He won Best in Show in the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in December and — we believe, but have yet to confirm — that he was the best of the terrier group at the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving.

While the Daily Doxie‘s sister site, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, finds Sealies a bit on the goofy side compared to Scotties, they would, wouldn’t they? His handler Margery Good has a different point of view and so does the USA Today reporter who interviewed her.

“He did everything I asked him to do in spades,” Good said moments after winning the group. Even though his legs are just 4 inches high, Charmin strides around the ring like a supermodel. “He covers a lot of ground. He sailed around the ring. He was spectacular.”

Although some of you might think, the Daily Doxie should be backing a hound, we share others’ serious qualms about Uno the beagle having no interest in chasing rabbits and deer. While we would like to see a breed like the beagle, that’s never won Westminster, take the Best in Show honours, we’re just not convinced that Uno aka Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In First is the right guy for the job.

Nor are Las Vegas’ oddsmakers. Along with Charmin, Uno will face stiff competition from Remy, the standard poodle officially named Ch. Brighton Minimoto who is the bookies’ favourite breed and won the non-sporting group. Johnny Avello, director of race and sports operations at the Wynn Las Vegas, who sets odds on breeds’ chances of winning, gave the standard poodle the best odds at 25-1. The toy poodle came in at 28-1, the German shepherd at 30-1, the Welsh corgi at 35-1, and the Sealyham at 40-1.
Ch. Brighton Minimoto aka Remy by Diane Fields

But Remy the poodle’s handler, Chris Manelopoulos, told the New York Times, he’s not in complete agreement with the bookmakers:

“I think the beagle and the German shepherd should be the favorites,” he said as he shampooed the fur on Remy’s head, neck and floppy right ear in the grooming area just beyond the Garden’s judging floor. “Las Vegas should have called me. I have more inside information.”

He said a decisive factor might be that Remy had never seen any of the judges at the show.

But two other top-ranked dogs, he added, a beagle, Ch. K-Run’s Park Me In First, and a German shepherd, Ch. Kaleefs Geneva Aeval-Achtung, have been declared winners at previous shows by the breed and group judges they will see at Westminster, and by the best-in-show judge, J. Donald Jones.

“It’s not that I don’t have a chance, but these judges don’t have a previous knowledge of Remy to go by,” Manelopoulos said. “I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I don’t have any preconceptions.”

The last Best of Group prize to be awarded Monday night went to Ch Vinelake Collinswood Yablon OA OAJ, the Australian Shepherd who won the herding group after taking time off to have a litter of nine puppies. Known as Deuce when she’s not being called Supermom, this bitch is not to be confused with the Australian Shepehrd dog who won the Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show. That was CH. Buff Cap Cresland Arctionist also known as Swizzle.
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  1. hound loyalist

    I knew you were going to end up rooting for a terrier. Me, I’m sticking with the hounds. Underdogs all the way. go, Uno!

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