A tale of two Dachshund diets

Chubby Dachshund needs to lose a few pounds
woody-02, originally uploaded by kanomping10.

In Texas, Bandit — who lives at Hurst Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation center — is trying to drop to 17 pounds from 24.4 pounds. In the two weeks he’s been dieting, he has already reduced to 23 pounds.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bandit was used to eating all day and all night with both residents and staff passing him treats.

But no more. Regina Berry, Hurst Plaza’s activities director, is working to put a stop to the “just one treat” habit. She has instructed residents not to feed Bandit — and to tattle if they see someone else feeding Bandit. The pup still likes to beg for treats, but the residents and staff seem to be resisting.

“I’ve overheard, ‘Bandit, go away! I cannot feed you anymore,'” Berry says.

Being a Texas wiener dog though, he may prefer the tough treatment to a trip to the Tokyo spa experience of this pudgy dachshund, who gets a massage and then takes a walk on an aqua treadmill.