Take this, Malachy dissers — Pekingese is the toy breed most favoured by men

Poor Malachy the Pekingese. The little guy’s been dealing with a lot of haterz since he won the 2012 Westminster title earlier this week. While the Dachshund News agrees that his handler, David Fitzpatrick, was a bit OCD with that omnipresent purple brush, we don’t think Malachy should be blamed for that. The Pekes we’ve known have always been pretty tough little dogs. And according to www.webvet.com, they are the toy dog most appealing to men. Famous owners of Pekingese include Alice Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, Elizabeth Taylor and Pakistan’s former President, Pervez Musharraf (shown below).

Pervez Musharraf with his two Pekingese dogs

The Pekingese is the preferred toy dog of macho men and dictators

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2 thoughts on “Take this, Malachy dissers — Pekingese is the toy breed most favoured by men

  1. cd

    I have a feeling it’s because the dogs are too incapacitated to be pesky and defiant like a little terrier or pomeranian would. The dogs are literally made to be hobbled, their short bowed legs are so they can’t run away, and if they do manage to, they’ll be stopped dead in their tracks by respiratory distress. The perfect passive object!

    1. Sam

      I have two (count em two) Pekingese. They are definately NOT the passive little footstools that the breeders like to show off. You must remember that Pekingese were originaly bred to be guard dogs. Yes! guard dogs for the imperial Chinese court. The Chinese thought, for some reason, that it made more sense to have a guard dog that would bark and alert the human guards than have some large attack dog hanging around to eat innocent people that accidently strayed into the area. Kind of makes sense to me too. All that being said I also have a Dachie and she is my favorite…

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