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Daily Doxie dogs compete in Wiener Nationals

Yesterday was one of our favorite events of the year – the 2009 Wiener Nationals in San Diego. Even though the heat was nearly 100 degrees, a record number of wiener dogs came out to compete – more than 330.

Gary has been racing since he was four months old; he is nine now. He has a real killer instinct when it comes to racing. He starts getting very pumped up when he gets in the starting gate and as soon as it opens, he is off! Yesterday, he won all three of his heats. In previous years, he has made it into the top 8, but I think his age, weight (22 pounds) and the heat got to him yesterday. He wasn’t fast enough to qualify for the semi-finals.

This was Patrick’s third year racing, but this first time he’s ever crossed the line. Patrick is inherently fast, but he’s lacking the competitive drive. He’s a real lover. I am happy to report that Patrick crossed the finish line in all three heats yesterday, and even won one of them. Once he harnesses his chi, we think he is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
Win or not, we were proud of our boys and had a great day with our wiener-dog-owning friends and family.