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Tweeting Doxies

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media sites around. While it took me a while to get used to it, I am a regular Twitter user now too (@angierobert). I have chosen to follow friends, colleagues and, of course, topics of interest to me – first and foremost – dachshunds.

If you’re a tweeter, there are a few fun doxie Twitterers not to be missed.
  • @doxienation
  • @doxienews
  • @doxiecrafts
  • @divadaisydoxie
  • @rocky_dachshund
  • @daisythedoxie
  • @princess_lily

There are a ton more, but these are my favorites. If you’re interested, just do a search for the terms “Doxie,” “Dachshund,” “wiener dog,” etc. and a multitude of great options will come up. I was also happy to see that many city-specific dachshund rescue organizations have Twitter accounts.

Happy Tweeting!