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Save the Piebalds! And promote them too!

There’s a war brewing over piebald Dachshunds and a petition circulating to get the AKC to accept piebalds as part of the Dachshund standard. The Save the Piebalds site has all the background you could ever want including a discussion of the health issues.

Whatever happens, we think there should also be a campaign to photograph piebald Dachshunds on non-patterned, non psychedelic backgrounds. Much as we love these photos, they make us feel like we’ve downed 10 expressos.

Newton & Cat Blanket, originally uploaded by labfan213.

Nickey & Newton, originally uploaded by labfan213.

So we’ve provided a little visual piebald calm:

Dachshund Joey and Maggie 3-11-2007, originally uploaded by cbording.


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