5 thoughts on “Super stubborn Dachshund will not give up rawhide

  1. Terri

    Oh please PLEASE I beg you, don’t do that to your doxie! My 6 y.o. Doxie is sitting right next to me, perched on a pillow because in the cold weather, her back bothers her. Mine had to have back surgery before she was even 4! It was a hugely traumatic experience. You don’t want to go through it, trust me!

  2. Anonymous

    Another video on the Daily Dachshund promoting unsafe behavior. What a surprise. I think you’re off my RSS feed.

  3. AnnB

    Geez Louise, it never occurred to me this would be bad for dogs’ backs.

    Teeth, yes, that did cross my mind.

    So for the record, we are NOT recommending you do this with your dog.

    We’re just playing the video. And we’re not telling you not to do it either.

  4. Ivy B

    Wow, Anonymous

    I don’t see anywhere in this post where doing this is promoted.
    You must have such an exciting life, just waiting by the computer to comment negatively on the Daily Doxie. I’m sure everyone’s devastated that you’re “taking the blog off your RSS feed”

    Stop acting like your in grade two. Us readers don’t want people like you here either, do yourself a favour and get a life.


  5. Anonymous

    This is all in fun…no promoting of anything…just loving doxie owners sharing the funny things they do…HONESTLY..do you think anyone who owns a doxie would intentionally do anything to hurt their beloved friend…I wouldn’t…not intentionally anyway!

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