The stray dogs of Moscow’s Metro

The Wall street Journal looks at how the lives of today’s stray dogs compares to conditions under communism:

In Soviet times, dogs were barred from Moscow’s metro. Today, however, they are so common there — curling up on empty seats, nuzzling their neighbors, lounging in stations — that there is even a Web site devoted to them:

No Dachshunds sighted so far.

And while we’re on the subject of Russian dogs, the Daily Doxie‘s sister site, theScottie News, gained much attention for its big scoop on Vladimir Putin’s secret poodle.

One thought on “The stray dogs of Moscow’s Metro

  1. Rosana Hart

    My husband has been on that subway, and his immediate comment was “probably one of the warmer places in winter.”

    Found you via twitter, where I am trainingdogs.

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