Spoken word sucks — even when it’s got Doxies

Spoken word poetry ties with mime for my least favourite type of cultural event. Complete opposites, I know, but equally bad 99% of the time.

Still, occasionally there is a mime or a spoken word poet who manages to rise above all the rest and here at the Daily Doxie, we thought if it was going to be anyone, it just might be this woman with the Dachshund poem.

Sadly not. Banal and unfunny the entire way through.

If you have a different opinion, please feel free to make your point in the comments. Do remember though that this did appear on YouTube on April 1.

And if you’re interested in innocent dogs who get dragged into bad performances, you’ll feel for this poor Scottish Terrier caught up in what sounds like an horrendous play.

9 thoughts on “Spoken word sucks — even when it’s got Doxies

  1. No more spoken word!!!

    My friend’s husband is a spoken word artist and she’s always trying to drag me to his events, which are awful.

    I refuse to even watch this video so could someone please just tell me what #10 is.

  2. Rene

    I’m with you on slam poetry, but thanks for posting this link. I have to say, I really adore you blog. Please keep up the good work on behalf of dachshunds and dachshund-owners everywhere!

  3. Anonymous

    OMG.. what a waste of time… I’m just feeling sorry for people in the audience, at least i had the stop button on youtube!

  4. MaggieandBandit

    We have to say that was a pretty poor list. I’ll bet all the great folks on this blog can make a better, more entertaining one. …But thanks for sharing it anyway. We didn’t have to click on it, after all, you warned us…

    (Our human staff did enjoy No. 10.)

  5. Anonymous

    #10 We love Dachshunds and we hate babies.

    I’m a mom who loves both Doxies and babies.

    Didn’t find it funny at all.

  6. Anonymous

    I loved it! thought it was hilarious, the whole premise of telling people things about something you’re passionate about – great idea. But I’m also a huge reader of poetry and love spoken word, in all of its forms. I’d much rather hear this than another “the revolution won’t be televised” poem. Spoke word, like comedy, like movies, like every form of art offers a great range of talent, content, performance style, etc. It’s sad to cut yourself off from all spoken word experiences because you didn’t like one or two. Go listen to some patricia smith. Look up andrea gibson. Find johnmark from nebraska. There’s something for everyone.

  7. Cooltrane

    Great performance!!! Hard to believe some Dachshund owners have such a bad sense of humor. That poem is funny, honest and tongue in cheek. Spoken Word is a wonderful form of modern expression. Don’t be haters. Lighten up. For the person who felt sorry for the audiance, don’t, because I was there, and everyone loved it.

  8. getacluetrain

    Cooltrane, it’s not funny just because you say it’s funny. That’s not how humor works. And everyone who disagrees with you isn’t a “hater” either.

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