Special report: Dachshund crime in South Africa

“Dog rescued after hot tar attack,” blared the headline about the abuse of a Dachshund cross dog in South Africa. The story ran just two weeks after reports of a pregnant South African Dachshund being attacked by a python. And before that there was the Pretoria-area Doxie that had to be tranquilized as he stood guard over the corpse of his murdered owner, not to mention this story from neighbouring Namibia:

We went to the dam last Sunday afternoon with Jake (sausage dog). A man in uniform appeared having a gun on his back. My dog ran to the water to get his ball, running in the direction of the man in uniform. The man took his gun and aimed at my dog ready to shoot but thank heavens Jake ran away. He proceeded without saying a word. We stared at the strange man because we have never seen a man in this uniform at Avis dam. He approached a family sitting at the edge of the dam, with children playing around, while their dog was playing in the water. When the dog got out of the water posing no threat to anyone, the officer shot the dog twice. There was a sudden silence and breaking the silence was the cry of the wounded dog that still resounds in my ears. The man was asked why he did it and his exact words were ‘dog will eat me.’ We as dog owners love Avis Dam, but our lives are now threatened by the ones who are supposed to protect us. That man went there looking for trouble.

News24 has more stories of Doxie violence in south Africa including “Slain Actor’s dogs suffered” and “Gran snatches grieving Snitch” the Dachshund. Makes us gratetful that the world headquarters of the Daily Dachshund are located in Canada.