Snow!!! Cold weather!!! Dachshunds!!!

Dachshund in the snow

Flash’s first snow!, originally uploaded by jennyree.

If you’re in the midwest, the northeast or central Canada, you’re experiencing cold and snow too. We’ll be back soon with cold weather tips for Dachshunds.


We’re back. The tips for dogs in cold weather are all pretty standard and these are the best ones we could find. Remember too, the smaller and less furry the dog, the more susceptible they are to cold. On the other hand, the long-haired Doxies can trap more snow in their paws so don’t forget about that.

Here’s some video of a Dachshund newly outfitted with boots:

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19 thoughts on “Snow!!! Cold weather!!! Dachshunds!!!

  1. Roseymay1

    We just got our Holly a week ago she’s four and we’re in love with her already. We live in NW Arkansas and it gets quite cold here. I want to get Holly a sweater for our short walks but my husband says it’s stupid and that we’re not going to become “those kind of people”. Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Angie

    I live in San Diego, so cold weather is really not too relevant to us. However, you adjust to your climate, so we do have cold days on occassion and rain. My two wiener dogs – Gary and Patrick – hate going out in the rain. They refuse to get their paws and under carriage wet. I literally have to drag them outside. Is this normal for the breed? Any tips?

  3. AnnB

    Hmmm, I know that quite a lot of dogs hate rain. Based purely on anecdotal evidence, it does seem to me that little dogs dislike it more because they’re more likely to get their tummies wet along with everythng else.

    Anyone else have any opinions on the matter?

    Also, Gary and Patrick are great names. Mind if I ask how you chose them?

  4. Angie

    Patrick was born on St. Patrick’s Day. I met a weiner dog and his owner in Paris who said when I asked the dog’s name that it was Gary. In retrospect, there was such a language barrier, it could have been the owner’s name and not the dog’s. Regardless, I named my dog Gary in memory of my great vacation.

    1. dai's mammy

      my boy daxi’s name is dai bach a sausage cos he lives in llanelli wales and is named after dai bach a soldier in the sospan fach song.

  5. doxiemommy3

    I have 5 Dachshunds,4 of which really do not mind the weather at all. One of which is still coming out of his shell for being in a puppy mill for a couple years hates the rain and snow.

    I have had a few occasions during storms that they do not want to go out and really have to pee and poo…I put down a couple potty pads and they know they can do their business on that.

    And Dachsunds are famous for not wanting to get wet, not sure if it is because they are close to the ground or what, just as they are famouse for being difficult to potty train. I know many dachshund owners who face the same problems witht he cold and rain…their dogs not wanting to go out in it…then again I do not blame them I no not want to go in it either.

  6. ET

    My doxie haaates getting her paws wet– but she loves the snow. Go figure.

    I’ve noticed that many of the sweaters I’ve gotten her don’t actually cover her belly, so am looking into dachshund-specific gear.

  7. Anonymous

    im getting the runt of the litter and she is so cute we r anming her isabella izzy or bella for short her eyes just opened yesterday

  8. Anonymous

    In my experience with Dachshunds, they hate the rain (Hate.It.) and they love the snow. Go figure.

    1. dai's mammy

      that’s also my experience, my little boy loves going out in the snow and will stay outside for ages if i let him, but when it starts raining then it’s another story he hates it, i have to take him out with a umbrella so he can go potty then he runs straight back in to snuggle under his blanket.

  9. Jackie

    I live in South Carolina and my doxie has grown up here. I will be moving to Maine and I am wondering how the cold weather will effect him.

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