Badly neglected wiener dog nursed back to health

These are before and after photos of Dolly the Dachshund, taken August 12 and September 23. Credit and thanks to Multnomah County Animal Services in Oregon for this Doxie’s speedy recovery. You can read the full story and make a donation here.

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2 thoughts on “Badly neglected wiener dog nursed back to health

  1. Anonymous

    These are two different dogs in the picture. The abused dog is a long hair and the other is a short hair. look at the hair on the ears. Is this a bogus story to get donations.

  2. AnnB

    That point was made in the comments to the story I have linked.

    While this could always be a bogus story, I have to say that I was pretty much convinced it was legit from the comment thread.

    If you’ve read the comments let me know your response to the discussion.

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