Scary Dachshund car ride

If these were kids not Dachshunds, children’s aid would be on the case. What do you think, dear readers?


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28 thoughts on “Scary Dachshund car ride

  1. Anonymous

    As an owner of two doxies I think that this woman should have her dogs taken away from her!!!! How can you drive , film and keep an eye on the dogs so they dont jump out!!!! Everyones safty was at the hands of a driver who did not care about the safty of anyone not even her dogs!!!!!

  2. AnnB

    I assumed there were two people in the car and that the non-driver was filming. It’s even worse if the driver was the camera operator as well.

  3. Anonymous

    it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be. domesticated animals depend on us for their safety…those dogs have no way of knowing the inherant dangers of sitting on a side mirror. stupid.

  4. Anonymous

    As I am the owner of these doxies, and the womand who all of you are trashing here, MAYBE you must first make sure of your story before posting such stuff about one. AS a matter of fact, there were three of us in the car, one person who was driving, one person who was taking the film and ME holding the dachies. And what you cannot see is my hands holding them, the camera was positioned over my hands. BUT they were both held very tightly, when Lindy were reaching out the car, I was holding her firmly with both my HANDS! I am not so stupid as to let them ride without me taking very good care of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone of you who even think I did not held them tight, are just plain stupid! So please before you slander someone because of something you think is one way, make 100% sure that it is the case! Because to the ones of you who are trashing me. I think you are all sick to think one can just let your dachie ride in the car like this without holding them properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dachshund Mom

    I am the owner of the doxies in the video posted by “Dog lady and publisher”, she took the video of my two doxies riding in the car, they were sticking their heads out the windows leaning on the side mirror. BUT she never thought of contacting me to make sure there weren’t more than ONE person in the car, and that the doxies were held properly!

    WHEN in fact the doxies were held by a double harness, to make sure they can’t slip! And that the harnesses were tightly wrapped around my arm, while I was holding my dachsies firmly, to make sure they can’t move. There were 3 people in the car, one who was driving, one who was filming and mer holding them!!!

    SO NO, she stole my video of youtube, and posted it under a heading that froze my blood instantly!!! AND even worse she got more bloggers to comment on it! Wich is even worse because the story she is telling everyone is not true!

    I think “Dog lady and publisher” must make sure of her allegations, next time she thinks of stealing someone elses videos of Youtbue!!!! It is sick that she used a videoclip and interpreted it her way!!!!

    To “Dog lady and publisher”, next time make sure you have the copyright to a video, and make sure of youe slanderous allegations before posting such a video!

    Do you know what is the sickness of all of this, you thought I would not know of this! WELL joke’s on you!!

    Just think how you would feel if I went and do the same thing to your Scottish terriers?

    Please feel free to comment on this, as I love my dachies and will NOT do anything to hurt them! IF you apologize I would gladly do so too.

    Dachshund mom!

  6. AnnB

    YouTube is a video sharing service.If you don’t deactivate the embed code, it’s assumed you want your videos shared and spread and watched.

    I try always to leave a message saying that I’ve used the video at the Daily Dachshund, which I did in your case as well. There was nothing underhanded about it.

    There’s also a very simple lesson in all of this: if you don’t want comments, don’t put it on the internet.

  7. Dachshund Mom

    Just seems to me that you say now you left me a comment that you used my video. BUT it never reached me. You might say there were nothing underhanded about it, because you were caught. Probably never thought I would have the nerve or guts to leave you a comment.

    The simple lesson for you in all of this is. NEVER publish something that you dont know is the truth. Never asume something as the truth, and make it out to be the truth. No matter what.

    The lesson I have learned is that there is people like you out there, that will take your love for you dogs, and no matter how you protect them, they will make you out to be a animal hater…

    But thank you for your concern and all the other people that made remarks on this video wich you put into your own strangled truth. My doxies are very loved, and probably better cared for than most people I know and have read about.

  8. AnnB

    If you go back and look, you will find that comment that tells you clearly that I used your video on the Daily Doxie. It is all there for the record.

  9. Dachshund Mom

    Well I looked in my youtube account, but can’t find it anywhere. BUT still you also could have gotten my email addy of youtube, since you are so clever as to take clips of there for underhanded purposes, without making sure that it is the truth. BUT you know what, if this was true I would have just left it. BUT it is not, and I am sure you should have anticipated me to confront you of your lying ?

    But anyways, thank you for you GR8 concern to my dachshunds. But in future please take care of your own dogs first, and maybe try and find real animal haters out there.

  10. DoxieDoxie

    You are making such a big fuss about this.I know this lady who’s video this is. She loves her dogs and won’t do anything in the world to harm them. She used Youtube for her videos to share her lovely doxies with the rest of the world, not to be taken apart by others. If you would like to be rude then so be it, go find another victim.perhaps you know the saying..take the log out of your own eye before taking out the splint for someone elses!

  11. Dachshund Mom

    Thanks Doxie Doxie, but clearly there are people in this world that will take your videos, and make them out to be the truth they want, and not the truth that it is. THANK You for your comment.

  12. Dachshund Mom

    Like I said, I have looked for the comment that you are refering to, but I can’t find it. I have looked again now before closing my account.

    Even if you did leave a comment (wich I can’t find), next time make sure of your facts, before creating some kind of satisfaction for yourself. Because creating lies hurt people.

    I have always thought your Daily Dachshund was a very good post, but NEVER say never huh? I just wish my internet was working last year.

    Needless to say this is getting tiresome. I am sick of people like you doing something like this. BUT hey I guess people have to get their kick in someway or the other….

    If it wont be too much trouble to you, or if you wont lose too much sleep over this, can you please remove this, as I have already removed the link to this video. (Wich sadly I should have done, but was sharing my videos with my friend in Ohio, and never thought someone will take it and make it out for something it is not)

    It is a pity that I have to leave you Blog, because I actually liked it, it was one of thebetter ones.


  13. AnnB

    May I suggest another strategy.

    Put the video back on Youtube and explain why you believe the set-up was safe and the dogs were never in danger.

    Then just let the negative comments roll off your back.

  14. Dachshund Mom

    And how do you suggest I do that ?? As I have cancelled my youtube account ?? Of course I have my movie clip. But how can I be sure if I do that, the same thing wont happen again ? Or that someone else wont do the same to me again ??

    It is easier said than done to let the negative comments rolls of my back, because it haven’t been done to you but me…

    Never would I be able to read this blog and not think what you have done.

  15. Daylene

    I am also the owner of two dachshunds and would never let anything bad happen to them if it was in my power to protect them. I can see why some people are concerned when they see a video where they think some harm may come to an animal, but that is obviously not the case here. There is no abuse, neglect, or harmful treatment whatsoever. Just because it is your opinion that something COULD have happened doesn’t make it an actuality. And the truth is that these animals are safe, alive, and well today. And you who say that the dogs should be taken away, you are an absolute hypocrite. Just try and tell another dog owner that you have never personally put your animals in a situation where some harm could come to them. It would be a lie. Ever taken your dogs to a dog park? Ever walked them by a larger dog or road? We all try our best to keep our loved ones safe, but life is not a certainty, dangers are always present in every car ride or walk regardless of best efforts. Why not take your concerns to a positive venue, one where they are warranted and needed, say cruelty cases investigated by the ASPCA? And dog lady and publisher, this is just bad journalism, if one could even call it journalism in good conscience. You made your own story here, no fact checking or actual work to it. You knew that some people would buy into the hysteria of it because it makes “good stories”. You should apologize for publishing false statements rather than try and validate your actions:
    “I try always to leave a message saying that I’ve used the video at the Daily Dachshund, which I did in your case as well. There was nothing underhanded about it.”
    It is clear to me that regardless of what you say, your jumping to conclusions and then writing about speculation and presenting it as fact is indeed very underhanded.

  16. AnnB


    I don’t care how many people were in the car. It was still a bad idea.

    In life, I also make a distinction between the risks we consciously take and the shit-happens type incidents.

    If I go for a joy ride with my dogs, it’s not the same thing as if a big rottweiler jumps out and attacks them on Main Street.

    The video spoke for itself, which is why it’s no longer there.

  17. Dachshund Mom

    Okay, so now you still make me out to be lier! you are one selfish woman you know that! AFter I told you, you stole me stuff, you still went and tried to justify your actions by trying to make it out as if something was going to happen to the doxies.

    Then you even tried to get me to republish my video on my youtube account to try and defend myself for something you made up. Now I am glad I didn’t, because it just goes to show me that you are one terrible person. Because you would have taken my video and posted it again under another heading, just to get hits to your publication.

    Do you and all of your readers want to know why the video is not on my youtube account anymore ??? REALLY ?
    Because you STOLE my video, even if you want to justify it by saying you did leave a comment (Which I can’t find). It is just like breaking into someone’s house stealing their TV set or whatever, BUT you DO leave them a note saying you didn’t steal it, since they didn’t have better security, you just came and took it…. 😉

    It is exactly the same thing. But hey like I said, whatever rocks your boat. It just seems to me that maybe someone did the same thing to you, and now you try to do the same thing to more than just me. I have heard from allot of people whom you have done this to. So I know, you are an expert by now….

    OH and P.s.
    Everybody that writes you back have seen the video! HAHA, because it is on my blog! LOL, maybe when you did you fact checking (Which you didn’t) you would have found it.

    Actually I feel sorry for you…..

  18. Another Dachsund owner

    You Go Dachshund Mom,
    I have also seen your video, and can clearly see the harnesses holding the doxies. And if you really look close you can actually see your hands holding them.

    I am the owner of two Dachies myself, and can clearly see that you did everything to protect them. I see allot of people whom dont even take the precautions like you did.

    And besides, IF you own a Doxie, you would know that they just love to stick their little heads out the window. At least you made sure nothing happens to them.

    Dont you worry, we all support you in this. We know the truth, dont you worry.

  19. Karla Dach

    To Dog Lady and Publisher:

    Maybe since you want to be a “journalist”, you should maybe try and put your “Good work” to a Good cause, rather than trying to make up your own stories out of someone’s personal videos.

    If it was me here, I would also be mad at you.

  20. DoxieDoxie

    Oh Ladies come on. How old are you all? You carry ons like a bunch of primary school girls over a new boy. Get a hold of yourselves and let this story rest. You are hammering on over the same thing for days now. Get something else to go on about. really this is ridiculous. I am sure that doxy mom knows by know that dog lady and publisher thinks she made a mistake, and clearly she got the message. And dog lady, just tell me? Who made you God?! stop all the nonsense.

  21. Daxcie Owner

    Dog Lady, must be nice living your life. Making up stories as you go. Must be quite a paper seller huh ?

  22. Daxcie Owner

    Dog Lady, must be nice living your life. Making up stories as you go. Must be quite a paper seller huh ?

  23. Anonymous

    This lady is a friend and obviously loves her dogs. She spends hours and many dollars creating things for them, with them and around them. She cares for them and keeps them safe and loves them. This whole thing seems odd to me. If you checked her out you would see she is a sweetheart to these dogs. My question is why are you wasting everyones time harassing a sweet lady when there is soo much tragedy for dogs and all animals out there. With all the natural disasters going on right now, not including so many animals (including Dachshunds) being put to sleep in animal shelters, pets being starved, beaten and deserted, and yes people letting dogs ride in the back of pickups untied, stay out in the snow without shelter and on and on it goes. Please use this avenue to help those whose need it, not trouble those who are making a difference. You can make a difference for those who really need you. Thank you.

  24. doxiemommy3

    For goodness sake, can you not find anything else to complain about here, how about people who actually abuse and neglect their dogs. As an owner of 5 doxies myself I do not see what the issue is here, her doxies are under her control and looks like they have been in a car, the owner is not driving the car so she can make sure they are not going to fall (the owner and doxies are from South Africa, driver is on the right and passenger on the left). Do you know her dogs?, do you know her? Do you know if in fact the doxies were in any danger besides what you feel to be danger.

    I must say you are a very nasty person for putting judgment on this woman for a car ride with her doxies. I ask you Dog Lady would you like people to bash you for the way you take care of your animals, because I am damn sure you do not do everything right, and perhaps in another eyes you too should have your animals taken away.

    This woman is wonderful to her doxies and takes very good care of them, they are in good health, they are not injured, they are not locked in a cage or out in a mud hole dying, they are riding in a car, A CAR, I ask you where are your dogs when they are in a car, are they in car seats? do they stick their head out the window? Do you feed high quality food, and do you keeps your dogs locked up from the world so that they never ever get into any danger. I honestly do not think you are as perfect as you are trying to pass yourself off as.

    How about trying to put that brain of yours to something useful, try to stop puppymills, come up with a way to see that animals do not die by the thousands in shelters everyday, and better yet use your skill of sticking your nose where it does not belong and sniff out the real criminals.

  25. Doxie Mother of 2

    Dog Lady,
    You are so wrong about Dachshund Mom, there was nothing wrong with her video of her taking her kids for a ride. Sure there head was outside the car, so what, don’t you ever stick your head out the window to get some fresh air. I know I do. Same thing applies here. I know this lady and she loves and cares more for her “kids” than most women feel about there own 2 legged kids.
    You shouldn’t judge people, you have no right.
    Go be a good mom and take care of your own dachshunds, not trying to judge other people for what they do with theres.

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