Sammy Davis wins Wienerschnitzel Nationals

A field of seven dachshunds raced on a 56-foot track for the title of the fastest wiener dog in the southwestern United States. The winner was named “Sammy Davis.” He and his owner, from San Francisco, got to ride in the fast-food company’s float.

The Daily Dachshund is working on getting photos and video from the race. In the mean time, we bring you a fun photo of another wiener dog race.

wiener dog racing Wiener Dog Race, originally uploaded by taylor-c.

Photographer Chris Taylor notes: “Wearing a Harley Davidson hat, Petey, in the green bandana sprints ahead of Doc in the yellow bandana as spectators watch in the background at the 2005 Wiener dog race at Emerald Downs horse race track in Auburn, Wash., Friday. Both Petey and Doc made it to the third and final heat, but did not place in the top two.” Oh well, it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game — or so we’ve been told.

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