Dachshund tangles with a German Shepherd

Dogfight!, originally uploaded by rschwandt.

This odd couple’s owner and photographer writes: “Our Dachschund Odie, and our German Shepherd Gabe, playing rough. They are the ultimate odd couple. Rescued together in May. This is 13 pounds picking on almost 80 pounds.”

8 thoughts on “Dachshund tangles with a German Shepherd

  1. Anonymous

    I think you might want to check the source of this picture, it looks Photoshopped. The focus and lighting are kind of wrong for it to be an authentic pic…

  2. AnnB

    The Doxie does in deed look a bit pasted on but there's no evidence of cropping. Maybe, it's just a not-great quality camera.

    Can anyone else weigh in?

  3. Anonymous

    The lighting does look off. I don't doubt that a dachshund would do this. It just doesn't look real.

  4. Anonymous

    I teach highschool graphic design and media arts using photoshop to alter pictures to make a statement, this is very possible to do. I have seen my dog Axel (who is 11 lbs) take on a German Shepherd (who was about 80 lbs) and lost the end of his nose, so I have no doubt a doxie can and will take one a bigger dog, but it doesn't look quite right.

  5. Mace

    I am the photographer (and owner of these two dogs). Yes, this has some post processing, mostly just color touch ups. This was shot wide open at f/1.8 hence the shallow depth of field. Here is another shot that I took while they were playing http://is.gd/35rwq

    Thank you guys for posting my picture.

  6. AnnB

    Thanks for this. I'm always a little suspicious when people think something is photoshopped just because it looks funny.

    In the cases I've seen where photos are faked, there's usually a very precise explanation.

    See the case of Shaggy at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

  7. Melissa

    A beautiful shot! I can say I know it's not photoshop work, I have about 500 more pictures that capture similar "play fights" with these two! The wounderful thing about today's technology is that you are able to play with your photos and adjust them (lighting, texture, color..) the way that is most pleasing to "your" eye (or in this case, your wife's eye) and then you hope there are a few others that share your same view 🙂
    Thank you for posting our doggies picture! I hope your readers get a good laugh from this shot…it's a sight to see in person!

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