Royal Dachshund savages guard

Evita sits pretty on the right, while Vega lies to the left

Much controversy occured after Evita, dog-lover Prince Consort Henrik’s dachshund sent a royal guard to the hospital, earlier this week.

Evita, the 11-year-old dachshund bitch kept by Prince Consort Henrik, the husband of Queen Margrethe, should be “euthanised”, the opposition’s animal welfare spokesman Bjarne Laustsen said.

He noted the “paradox that a royal guard is bitten by a dog belonging to those he is employed to protect.”

“If my dog had been so aggressive, I’d have had it put down,” Mr Laustsen added.

“There is no difference between a royal dog and any other,” he told the newspaper website.

The dachshund left the blood-stained soldier needing hospital treatment for a leg wound last Saturday at the royal family’s summer castle in Fredensborg, according to the Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

It was the second such frenzied confrontation, after a May 2008 attack that left another royal guard needing three weeks off work.

Fellow opposition deputy Marlene Harpsoee echoed Laustsen’s call, with Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt of the far-right PPD, which supports the government in parliament, also saying a muzzle must be fixed on the animal, or else.