RIP Sam: A tribute from your loving owners

A loyal reader writes:

Dear Daily Doxie,

I am sure you get this a lot, but I am a big follower of your website and a doxie lover. I grew up with 2 Dachshunds: Sam, the stubborn black/brown “Tweenie” who grew larger than a miniature but not quite as big as a standard. Ruby, the red miniature was always at Sam’s heels, following him to see what he was up to.

We got Sam (aka “fat boy”) for my sister’s 13th birthday in January 1992 and as my sister turned 30 this year, he got to celebrate with us. Sadly, Sam, having turned blind and deaf over the years, got through the fence yesterday and made his way to the pool where he went for his final swim.

After 17 years we were all prepared for his passing, but of course he wanted to go out with a bang and surprise us all. My family is devastated because he has been such a big part of our lives over the years. He has sneaked into hotels with us, gone down the pool slide with us, gone camping, snuggled (under the covers, at the foot of the bed, of course!) and was my mom’s baby after we all went to college. I know you don’t do personal posts, but I was wondering if there was any way you could post a picture of Sam, in memory of the most lively, fun, stubborn, entertaining, loving, full of attitude, got-into-the-garbage-even-at-17 dachshund. Our K9 patriarch of the family is gone and we will miss him terribly. Oh, Sam.



Dear Jill,

I would be happy to post Sam’s pics. He sounds like a great guy and you and your family have my sympathies.

All the very best,

Daily Doxie

Here’s dignified Sam:

And here’s Sam at a party where it looks like someone had a Mojito or two past their limit:

Thank you dogs, for all the happiness you bring us and your understanding about why we post these pictures on the internet. Godspeed.

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  1. Anonymous


    We are going to miss Sam at Thanksgiving. He was a great dog and great with kids.


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