4 thoughts on “Reward offered for dumped Dachshund

  1. Jenni

    Me too! I hope somebody dumps her when she is as helpless as she left that doxie! Never mind how could you not love a dog, even if the dog wasn’t wanted re-home her. Don’t be a lazy b*tch, take care of your responsibilities. Yet another reason why I love animals more than people….

  2. Lolita Alligator

    With so many people out there that love Doxie’s, why would ever do a thing like dump your dog who by all apperances seems that she was in someone care for the last 8 years!

    I hope they find this person and take them to the middle of no where and dump their ass!

  3. The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile

    I wonder if Annie was a parent’s pet, the parent passed away and the dumper wanted no part of her.

    Or maybe she’s the product of an ugly divorce – I read a story in Bark magazine where a woman dumped a dog at a shelter, and a few months later the husband and the kids were overjoyed to be reunited with their pet.

    Whatever the reason, the action is reprehensible.

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