Review of Madison Avenue Maxi

Madison Avenue Maxi is being billed as a Marley and Me for the uptown set, but it’s no Marley and Me. The book is completely lacking in both character and plot development. And clearly no one ever told the author, Elke Gazzara, that the first rule of story telling is “show don’t tell.”

Over and over again, the writer, whose main claim to fame is being married to the actor Ben Gazzara, tells us how wonderful and smart Maxi the mini doxie is but we never get any concrete examples of her wonderfulness and smartness other that that she sits quietly in her dog bag in fancy restaurants and the business class section of overseas flights.

Madison Avenue Maxi is mildly interesting in a voyeuristic way for those already predisposed to reading about the lavish lifestyles of Manhattan’s moneyed class, but that’s it. There is absolutely no Marleyesque bestseller potential here.

Unless you have a teenaged girl who’s both a Dachshund and a Gossip Girl fan, do not buy this book for full price. It will be remaindered very, very soon – and even then, it might not be worth it.

To go on any longer would be unkind.

One thought on “Review of Madison Avenue Maxi

  1. john st.,

    A very harsh review. Yes it's not Marley and Me and Elke Gazzara does not write human interest stories for aliving as Marley's author did. I feel that dachshund lovers will relate to Maxi and her love for and from the Gazzaras very much. The fact that the central characters are famous people enhances the story with their travels etc. but at heart the are doxie lovers just like you and me. If someone finds a discounted copy of this book should consider themselves finding a great bargain not vice versa. Don't take my word for it a fairer review is at

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