Rescue tales: Colonel Zachary takes Manhattan

Readers love animal rescue tales so, starting today, the Daily Doxie will bring you a rescue story every Tuesday. We begin with Colonel Zachary who was rescued from a puppy mill in West Virginia, where he spent the first nine years of his life in a small wire cage with other dogs that would routinely attack him. His new owner Gene Trinker told Colonel Zachary’s story to the Dachshund Rescue Web Page six months afterthe dog’s arrival in the big apple:

Zach fell into the rhythms of the house and continues to adjust to life in New York City. Every car that races past no longer spooks him. The odd sounds of construction no longer startle him and passing people are no longer a reason to stop in his tracks. On the street, Zach demonstrates his newly acquired New York City attitude uninterested in anything. If he could speak, he would be saying fahgetaboudit. It has been our pleasure welcoming Zach into our home. He has been with us only six months, but it is impossible to imagine the apartment without him. His appreciation for the smallest things seems limitless. Watching him adjust to everything has been truly gratifying. We only wish we had room for more rescues.

2 thoughts on “Rescue tales: Colonel Zachary takes Manhattan

  1. mary ann murphy

    where is the puppy mill located in WV? I saw a breeder there and was thinking of storing the info for when I get another dachshund. I want to be sure not to patronize the wrong place.

  2. AnnB

    Unfortunately, there are lots of puppy mills in the Virginias so you need to be really careful about getting a dog there. Why not call a Dachshund group or rescue club in your area and ask for recommendations.

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