Provincetown named dog friendliest town in U.S.

The 6th annual DogTown USA contest has named Cape Cod’s Provincetown the best place in the country to be a dog.

So what makes P-town, with just 2,997 human and 551 canine inhabitants, a winner? Is it the drinking fountain about to be installed in from of town hall? Or the water bowls and dog biscuits offered up by just about every local business? Or is it the fact you can bring your pet on a sunset cruise, go whale watching, or take Fido on the para-sailing boat? The answer of course is all of the above.

The Daily Doxie wonders if these three wiener dogs, who look like tourists, were para-sailers or sunset cruisers.

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA by Lorianne DiSabato on Flickr

One thought on “Provincetown named dog friendliest town in U.S.

  1. Peter Jordan

    Does Provincetown still do is Dachshund Days weekend in September? Stumbled upon this a few years back when there.

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