Pink the piglet will stay with Dachshund family

KHTV in Little Rock, Arkansas has two new pictures of and an update on Pink, the piglet who was fostered and nursed by Tink the Dachshund Mom and raised with her puppies:

We emailed Pink’s owner who lives in West Virginia and she emailed us this update:
“Pink is doing great and we had many adoption offers, but none just right for him. I think we are going to keep the little guy. He weighs about 6 or 7 lbs now and his siblings are 50+. My husband built him a stall in our new barn and he is really enjoying being there. He likes rooting around in the wood shavings. He still gets to play with his puppy sister everyday. We kept one of the puppies out of the litter. He is a sweet little pig.”
Pink’s Owner

Here are all the Daily Doxie‘s past stories background on the piglet who was adopted by the wiener dog family.

One thought on “Pink the piglet will stay with Dachshund family

  1. Greenconsciousness

    This is a pig farm? Where most of the pigs are slaughtered and kept in confinement? Or is it a small farm which only raises of few pigs. Still sending a pig to a slaughterhouse is horrific. If the kids are raising them for 4H that is what is going to happen. It will be horror for a pig who has been socialized. They are very intelligent. He will understand everything.

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