Goldendoodle vs. Peruvian Hairless Dog

Boomer F1B Goldendoodle Male 11-1-06, originally uploaded by diamonddoodles.

It’s not hard to see why Malia Obama believes that the Goldendoodle is “the optimal dog.”

Now, just imagine what she might do if her parents decided to accept the Peruvian Hairless puppy dog that’s been offered to the family as a gift. Yep, bet that would go over well with the Obama girls.

Peruvian hairless dog, originally uploaded by DjElated.

Talk about regifting dilemmas.

3 thoughts on “Goldendoodle vs. Peruvian Hairless Dog

  1. Anonymous

    The photo posted of the Peruvian Hairless Dog looks like one of the street dogs in Peru, believe me there are outstanding beautiful examples, check Casa de Viringo or Wanhan Wuoren websites. The puppies are chubby and wrinkly and grow into Art Deco sculptural, slender, elegant beauties. Their movement is graceful and mesmerizing a well. I noticed a lot of misinformation in much of the press releases/comments; correction:
    1) The breed predates the Inca nation and in fact the Incas outlawed their use as meat.
    2) Their skin is not rough, it’s very soft like a baby’s skin.
    3) They are not prone to acne. Like anything worthwhile, they require CARE – if you NEVER bathe them, feed them crappy food, yes, they can get blackheads.
    4) Their body temperature is the same as any other dog – there is no coat to insulate the heat from your hand so they feel warmer to the touch.
    5) There is a BIG difference between Xolos and Peruvian Hairless Dogs, I have both, they are distinct breeds.
    6) They are not “toothless.” The hairless gene is linked to a lack of premolars, all the other teeth are there although some dogs lose their teeth (shallow roots), others keep most if not all their teeth lifelong.
    7) There are coated Peruvian dogs! Even more rare than the hairless – 25% of the puppies in any litter will receive double recessive genes for coated. These are wonderful dogs – get a coated one! Some breeders will “cull” (read: kill) the perfectly healthy coated puppies.
    8) Price varies with quality, these are extremely rare dogs, the price can be up to $3000. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people breeding sub-quality Peruvian Hairless Dogs – they look coarse and have too much hair (known as hairy hairless). Buyer beware, often they are shaved and you think you are getting hairless until the hair grows back in.
    9)The Peruvian people are not crazy about these dogs, there is a small number of enthusiasts even in Peru where a law elevates the breed to cultural heritage status and protects them. Still, there are many abused and abandoned street dogs, hairless, in Peru and many breeding them just to make money.
    10) It is a primitive breed – and not for everyone as they are suspicious of people they do not know, have a quicker flight response, higher prey drive, and are very sensitive – i.e. not a stoic, easy going Lab-type to leave in your backyard (nor should any dog be without house privileges and companionship). They are very sweet tempered and affectionate with their human family. They prefer to sleep in the bed and under the covers with their masters.
    11) Unless you live in the tropics, they need protection from cold, wind, etc. their body temperature doesn’t make them immune to the elements – they need clothes, and someone willing to put them on and take them off, do the laundry, etc.

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