Paws for the Cause

As I was perusing through the Web site of one of my favorite non-profits, I found this photo of a doxie all dressed up to support Livestrong! Way to go!

While I was in the hospital about two years ago being treated for cancer, I had a dog come visit my room and it was the highlight of my hospital stay. Dogs make a world of different in a patient’s mental well-being and physical healing. I am sure of it.

Had this Livestrong-wearing doxie shown up in my hospital room, the doctors probably would have released me right then and there declaring a remarkable clean bill of health.

We can all be grateful for service dogs – dachshunds or not!

3 thoughts on “Paws for the Cause

  1. Cole

    What a great picture! When you are sick or hurt, nothing makes you feel as good as the love & attention of a dog. 🙂

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