Ozzie Dachshunds face legal restrictions

Menindee. John. in shorts in tree with Max and Pixie Nov 2, originally uploaded by John Spooner, South Oz..

The town of Clarence in Tasmania seems to be having dog issues. It recently made attempts to restrict the doggie presence at the local beach. Luckily, Max and Pixie, the two Ozzie doxies shown in the photo above, don’t live in Tasmania and we can only hope they are still free to climb trees with their shirtless owner!

Meanwhile, also in Clarence, the ABC reports:

In a bid to curb canine misbehaviour, the Clarence City Council is offering rebates for dogs that have been to obedience school.

The Council’s new Dog Management Policy offers a 50 per cent discount for registering dogs that have completed grade four obedience training.

It has also waived the registration fee for dogs adopted from the RSPCA and the Dog’s Home.

The Mayor Jock Campbell says the council wants to encourage owners to take more responsibility for troublesome dogs.

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  1. Dog person

    Wow, Dog Lady, another shirtless man. Not sure this one measures up to Ian McShane though.

    Still, I’m all for it, Nothing like a website all about Dachshunds and shirtless men.

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