Otus does not approve of dog costumes

A reader writes to Otus at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for advice about her dachshund’s Halloween costume:

Dear Otus,
Our cat, Mr. Snuggums Whiskers III, is very handsome with an Elvis wig and rhinestone sunglasses, and our dachshund, Baron Barkum von Wienerdag, is really cute as a caterpillar with wiggly antennae. We’ve had them wear the same costumes for the past three years. My questions are these: Should we change out the costumes this Halloween ? Do dogs and cats get weary of wearing the same old thing?

Otus suggests that they should not wear any costumes. Period.

The Daily Doxie, on the other hand, urges Otus to open his mind. There is nothing at all undignified about this masculine outdoorsy look, which we think would work well for even the most costume-averse wiener dogs.

Dachshund Halloween, originally uploaded by nutmegknitter.