Once abused, Dachshund mix now helps kids read

The GazetteXtra in Janesville, Wisconsin reports:

The dachshund mix was just a pup when she went flying through the air, thrown from a car, with the rest of her siblings.

Only Tabby survived.

That’s the story Helen Burton was told when she got Tabby from K9 Lifeline Rescue about three years ago.

Despite the violence, Tabby always has been a mellow dog, Burton said. That’s why she makes an ideal helper at Janesville’s Jackson Elementary School.

Tabby—her formal name is Tabitha—is a reading dog. She sits patiently as children read to her, and she’s become a school-wide celebrity since she began her work in the fourth quarter of this school year.

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One thought on “Once abused, Dachshund mix now helps kids read

  1. Anonymous

    I think that it truly commendable to rescue such a wonderful animal from a horrible situation like that! Some people are so cruel. I don’t understand how anyone, for whatever reason, could commit such an unspeakable act! I think it’s great that this beautiful animal now has a good home and has become such a great companion for so many!

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